Slow, Flat-footed and Incompetent

I started playing Warcraft in January. It’s March now.
I have Alt-o-holism. Which means I have a semi-active family of 6 toons, 2 bank alts and Tatia, my new main.
It’s only been three months.. and not one of my toons had ever been in the battlegrounds.

Last night I took Illyah (19 BE Paladin) into Warsong Gulch. I wanted to get a taste of it before we went there tonight with Bawk Bawk.

I though I was an ok player. PvE I am.

PvP, I suck. Major suckage. Beyond the ends of the virtual world suckage. Man-o-man.

So many deaths.. so many “???” “we have a flag?”, “how do you get the flag?” “Oh, down there… those people in red.. oh, ok I bet they’ll attack me.” “ow ow ow ow ow”

PvE: Identify Mob to kill. Run up to mob. Strike mob or just get in their aggro range. Mob turns on you, stands in front of you and you exchange blows like civilized folks.

PvP: Identify Alliance drones to PWN. Edge towards Aliance drones. Identify their class.. Identify what I (little paladin) can do to their class. Run up to drone. Attempt to strike drone. Oh, it’s behind me. Turn around. Ow. Oh, it’s behind me. Ow. Ow. Turn around. Oh hey, I’m low on health.. I should bubble.. where is that button. Oh, there.. bubble. Hmm low mana.. ok, I’ll run away.. hey.. he’s still chasing me. Ow ow ow. *sigh* ok, I’ll wait for the ressurrection.

I -almost- killed one alliance player. I -did- do an impressive amount of healing (once I realized that my awesome plinkage wasn’t going to kill them).

After 3 frustrating battles I went back out to PvE. Happily I PWN furry little Mob butt.

I hope this gets better.