Ending their world…

Despite dashing ahead and achieving level 21, Tatia still had quite a few level 18-20 quests from Bloodmyst Isles. It was tempting to just drop these quests and just start on quests in another area.. but this violated my sense of completeness. After researching the quest log I found that there was one chain of quests with some real meat.. and then a couple of collection quests.

The collection quests I dropped. Grind through X and collect Y. Just not worth my time.

The chain of quests looked more exciting. The first involved tagging Matis the Cruel with a flare gun and then dragging him back to Bloodwatch to face judgement for his crimes. At level 14, Matis (18 epic) kicked my split-hooved hinny. At level 21, I had my revenge. He was easy to down.

The little drama back at Bloodwatch was entertaining.. if a bit puzzling. (exchange paraphrased)

Exarch:”Matis we’re going to kill you tomorrow!”
Matis: “Nyah, Nyah, you blue-bloods suck!”
Exarch: “You take that back!”
Matis: “Draenei take it up the pah-tutie”
Vindicator dashes forward and slays Matis.

Seems a little hot-blooded to me. Not entirely in keeping with the cool calm characters seen so far from the Draenei.

I then ran off to Vindicator’s quest and accepted the quest “Ending their world” to escort Demolitionist Legoso as he attempts to destroy the Vector Coil and slay Sironas.

Demolitionisht Legoso tanked beautifully. A heal here and there and we had no problems up until the end when Sironas kicked my butt.

Sironas, a 20 Epic six story tall draenei-looking eredar who had infiltrated the Draenei but was actually working with the Blood Elves.
Eredar: Demons who are descended from the same race as the Draenei but have been corrupted by evil.

You know.. I bet when she was infiltrating the Draenei that she wasn’t six stories tall. It was odd to kill a mob by hacking at its ankles. When she died she shrank down to “normal” size. I wonder if that was supposed to mean she was all pumped up on siphoned off energy from the vector coil.

On Sironas I ran out of mana at the very very end (and I grabbed aggro from my helpful NPC tank)(bad off-tank healer, no cookie for you). She whomped on me and whomped on me again. Both of us were in the red of health.. then she go a hit off before I could heal myself.

I died. Cursing the whole time… “Damnit.. I’m going to have to do this all over again”. As I was sitting there staring furiously at the “Release spirit” button, Legoso, the NPC, struck the killing blow.. and Sironas died! And my quest log showed I’d completed the quest!! W00T!

Happy, happy day! So now my quest log is empty except for the level 20 paladin quest. So I’m off to iterate through the instances. Wish me luck.