Azeroth paladin lowbie world tour

Last night, Tatia dinged 23 1/2.

Wow. I can’t imagine completing the Paladin quests without a supportive guild. For West Kingdom guild night, guildies logged on with their “lowbies” (~level 20) to help me complete the level 20 paladin weapon quest. We literally crossed the globe three times.

Bloodwatch -> Westfall -> Stormwind -> Westfall (need to bank everything not critical)(planning for the phat loot that was going to fill all my bags to overflow).
Run Deadmines.
Westfall -> Loch Modan (get ore shipment from ogres and have it refined)
Loch Modan -> Menethil Harbor -> Hillsbrad. (pick up first aid books) -> Silverpine Forest
Run Shadowfang Keep. (acquire hammer from stables)
Silverpine Forest -> Menethil Harbor
Hop boat to Auberdine.
Auberdine -> Ashenvale.
Run to Blackfathom Depths. (acquire a tainted gem from Nagas)
Ashenvale -> Auberdine (get gem cleansed)
Hop boat to Menethil Harbor.
Menethil Harbor -> Ironforge (have hammer crafted outside the gates of Ironforge)
Ironforge -> Stormwind (Guildie in SW enchanted hammer with +7 damage)

I’m happy to say that I have acquired “phat loot” and [item]Verigan’s Fist[/item], a hammer that in testing 🙂 critted a Stormwind rat for 258. Go me.