Getting all defensive

Defense and Mitigation, how it all works

Ugh! Math hard.

Damage Avoidance – The ability of my toon to avoid getting hit.
Damage Reduction – The ability of my toon to take less damage once she is hit.

I tried REALLY hard to work out the formula’s and figure out Tatia’s Miss, Dodge, Hit, Crit etc percentage chances. Finally I gave up. There’s just too much assumed knowledge. I’ll possibly try again at a later time. Right now I’m planning to install an addOn that (supposedly) does the math for me. Yeah for technology.

AddOn Tank Points

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  1. From what I’ve read here and there, tank points are designed around Warrior tanking. Paladins (obviously) have different requirements for tanking than Warriors do, so the point values may not match up perfectly (remember it’s even worse for Druids since they have no shields).

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