Starting the long slow road to 30

So now I’m following Youri’s Level 20-30 Alliance Leveling Guide. The guide is geared to go from level 20-30. Because of the Paladin quest and other recent instances Tatia started the night at level 23. Not a huge problem. I just figure a couple of the early quests will be green to me.

Unfortunately I’m finding a lot of frustration with the guide.

The guide suggests you get “The tower of Althalaxx” to drop off in Ashenvale. Unfortunately, there are -many- “The tower of Althalaxxâ€? quests. The first one you get is “The tower of Althalaxxâ€? which has you run north of Auberdine to Balthule Shadowstrike (55,25) at the tower of Althalaxx. On turn in you get the quest “The tower of Althalaxxâ€? to collect 4 Worn Parchments from the warlocks around the tower of Althalaxx. On that turn in you get the quest “The tower of Althalaxxâ€? which -finally- sends you to Ashenvale.

The guide doesn’t mention this.. so I have the first “The tower of Althalaxxâ€? but I’m down in Ashenvale so I can’t complete it.

The guide then suggests that you get the quest “Trek to Ashenvaleâ€? from Sentinel Selarin. I couldn’t find Sentinel Selarin. But I spent a very frustrated 10 minutes looking for her.

The guide also seems to be assuming more familiarity with Azeroth than I have. Directions like “Go east to Iris lake and get Elune’s tear.” would be more helpful with coordinates. I’m muddling through. Hopefully it will get better.

At the end of the night Tatia dinged 24 1/2 and found out that there’s no Paladin trainer in Darnassus so sailed off to Exodar for training (very convenient them being right at the end of the back door ramp).