Once upon a time I had two characters in World of Warcraft. Tikataka was slowly gaining levels and would send all of her extra loot to Freya, a bank toon parked in Ironforge. As Tikataka gained in levels the loot got better and generated bigger sales on the Auction House. Additionally, Tikataka was a leatherworker and was seeing modest profits by reselling crafted leather goods.

The one day.. I decided to make an alt (Tikah).. and then another(Monneh).. and then I decided that Tikah, my herbalist/alchemist needed to -not- do herbalism.. so I switched everyone’s professions around. All money generation ground to a halt. Instead I spent all of my hoarded gold to level up Tikah as a leatherworker, Monneh as a tailor, and Obliette (a new alt) as a herbalist/alchemist.

I had just finished skilling up all my alts when I decided to concentrate on a single toon.. and call her my main.. so I created a new toon and have spent the last two weeks grinding Tatia up to level 26. It’s only in the last few levels that she’s started to get good loot but since she’s an Enchanter she’s been disenchanting it instead of sending it to my bank alt.

Two good things happend two days ago..
– first, I figured out how to get Enchantrix correctly setup so it will show me the potential disenchant value on green/blue/purple items close to the Auctioneer potential sale value. This has allowed me to make more intelligent decisions about selling things instead of always disenchanting.
– second, I bought a recipe from a vendor for 4 silver.. and happened to notice that Auctioneer says that the recipe sells on Auction House for 3-7 gold. Woot! Happy day! The vendor sells an unlimited amount of the recipes.. to start with I bought 5 copies of the recipe. I put one up on AH at about 7PM yesterday.. and it was sold by midnight.

So I’ve found my money maker. No, I won’t share the recipe name. 🙂

So I guess my new money making scheme is a combination of a buy-low/sell-high and reselling loot. I think I’ll add the resale of enchanting reagents also. Hopefully this will allow me to buy a mount at 40.. hmmm except that you don’t have to pay for the Paladin mount. Hmm.. maybe I’ll just say I’m saving for a flying mount. That’s it.