Feeding my addiction.. in an ergonomic manner

Woot! Tatia, my main, is now also my highest leveled character. About damned time 😉

I managed to ding 27 while waiting for my ride on Friday night (we went out of town camping for the weekend)(see, I’m not addicted).

When we returned I found a new toy waiting on the front steps. Nostromo N52. It’s a little bit dated (5 years old) but I’m hopefull it will fill the void I’m seeing in playing WoW from the keyboard.

Standard mode of operation, dash up to mob using “wasd” to maneuver. Right-mouse click to choose target(mouse about to swivel camera for best view). Remove left-hand from “wasd” and hit proper number keys “1-6” to trigger proper seals/judgements/consecrate.

If I need to move during the fight I have to reposition hand on “wasd”. If I need more than 5 spells I need to reach across the keyboard to hit “7-=” (using a natural split keyboard to prevent RSI).

These problems weren’t so bad in PvE just a little annoying.. but sitting around flat-footed while hunting for the number “8” on the keyboard is just an advertisment for some rogue to backstab me in PvP.

Solution currently in testing:
Nostromo N52

I’ll do a full review after I’ve had a chance to fiddle with it for a week or two. So far, looks promising.