Thirty! Glorious thirty. According to .. everyone everywhere my happyness meter as an “PAoEladin” should now shoot through the roof. We’ll see.

It -was- kind of pleasant grinding on werewolves in Duskwood to get those last two xp bubbles. I was easily able to take on two equal level mobs without ever needing to bubble or heal. I usually ended the fight at half health. Oh, and I think I crossed a mental horizon. Suddenly it made sense to use bandages (I’ve dutifully skilled up First Aid on all my toons.. but after the fight the healing took so little time it never made sense to bandage). Last night for some reason it just suddenly clicked.. and now I whale on critters until I get to half health (and the critter dies).. then bandage and move on to the next critter. By the time I get back down to half health again I’m also able to bandage again.

PAoEladin Goodness defined:
– Damage Avoidance: When the mobs hit me I have a higher chance to block over the next 10 seconds (Redoubt)
– Damage Mitigation: Damage to me from mobs hitting me is reduced and almost eliminated (Toughness, Shield Specialization, Improved Righteous Fury)
– When the mobs hit me and I block they take damage (Blessing of Sanctuary)
– When the mobs hit me they take additional holy damage (Retribution Aura)
– When I hit a mob I heal myself (Seal of Light, Judgement of Light)
– Occationally I can AoE all the mobs for more damage (Consecrate)

Still in the wings:
– When the mobs hit me and I block they take damage ({Shield Spikes}). Guildie offered to apply [item]Thorium Shield Spike[/item] to my shield but first he recommended that I get a uber-fantastic shield from Scarlet Monestary. I think SM is ~level 35 so it’ll be a couple days.
– When I hit a mob I possibly get additional attacks ({Reckoning(lvl 31)}). One more talent point needed.