For the love of a pony

I think the Warcraft 30s were intended to make it so you’re totally primed to buy your mount. So many quests consist of crossing the map multiple times. So much wasted time on griffins when I could be killing things. *sigh*.

We completed the Stockades last night. We being Tatia, Zaramina (32 Mage), Tanuur (29 Shaman) and Knunn (70 Rogue). Knunn is fiancee’s character. He cleared the instance and we trailed behind him as “loot monkeys”. I -think- we could have cleared it without Knunn, but he offered and it made it easy.

The next hour after the Stockades was spent running from one corner of Stormwind to the other finishing up the in-town followup quests.

At one point I was in Stormwind Keep, you know the place where the boy King is standing around with his advisors. Some other player must have been completing a quest. I was pretty oblivious (I was actually looking for the Library but had gotten turned around). So I’m standing in the back of the throne room.. only vaguely aware of whatever is going on on the dias.. when suddenly someone accuses one of the King’s advisors of being Onyxia.

I’m a lowbie but I’ve heard of “Onyxia” and her lair. Right at that moment I blurted out “uh-oh” over ventrillo and backed away from the dias.

Suddenly the advisor turned into a Dragon!! and a bunch of other “skull-leveled” critters appeared around her.

I was trapped!! Luckily the dragon disappeared and the critters all made a bee-line for the player who was actually doing the quest. I did my best to hide in the back of the room.. but the fight took an interminably long time.. and I got kind of bored. So I decided I’d sneak past the fight and run around the corner.

I’m a Paladin. As a rule Paladins don’t hide and don’t sneak. So my attempt was a poor one at best. As I “snuck” by one of the baddies did an AoE that hit me for 3/4 of my life. I ran. Luckily they didn’t chase.

Not sure exactly what that was about.. but it was definately interesting.

Even more interesting was the part where later on I had to do a quest turn in to the advisor who had turned into the Dragon. I almost didn’t want to talk to her. I mean.. she’s a bad guy. I’d seen her turn into a dragon.. just didn’t seem right telling her that we knew about Defias infiltration of the Alliance. No help for it though.. and she did give me a spiffy ring.

Next we’re starting on Jame’s Alliance leveling Guide – Chapter I (30-41). It looks pretty well detailed.

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