“I went to the desert…”

*sigh* I only wish I had a horse (even one with no name)(Do you get to name your pony a la hunter pet, or is it nameless like vanity pets?)

We’re buzzing along with Jame’s Alliance leveling Guide – Chapter I (30-41). We’re at the section labeled “Level 32” even though we’re actually sitting at 31 (4 bubbles to go). Last night we visited Thousand Needles, Swamp of Sorrows, Badlands, and Booty Bay.

Running towards Rachet I had a moment when I marvelled at the scenery. Coming down from the mountains it looked like the land was covered in big billowing clouds of fog… instead it was the unending sand of the desert.. it was much cooler in my head with the fog.

While in Shimmering Flats we ran into Ironeye the Invincible (37 Elite Rare). Turns out he’s not so invinsible.

Tanuur mentioned that Ironeye drops a really cool sword, [item]Blade of the Basilisk[/item]. OOOOOooo I -so- want this sword. So we decided to try and kill him.

The attempt was kind of funny in a scary kind of way. Zaramina (Mage), Tanuur(Shaman) and Tatia(Pally) start beating on Ironeye. Ironeye aggros on the Mage (of course). Pally does her best to pull the aggro back but fails miserabley (it’s the first time I’ve ever had to try and grab aggro). After some running, Mage dies. Ironeye turns his attentions on the Shaman. Tanuur begins kiting Ironeye around the field with frost shock (I think). Pally runs along plinking Ironeye from behind. (At our best, without the mage, Tanuur and I were hitting Ironeye for about 5-6 points each hit.) After almost a full minute of kiting, Ironeye dies (/cheer) and drops some crappy green shoulders (/cry).

Now that I know where he is, I’ll go back. Thottbot says he’s on a 2 day timer. So I’m thinking to try again late Saturday night or Sunday morning.

Following the guide is going well. The only hitch is that it looks like the guide is geared to solo leveling.. so grouping with Tanuur and Zaramina is throwing off the “and you should level as you turn in this quest” timing of the guide. I’m ok with it. I figure we’ll throw a couple extra Scarlet Monestary runs in and it will all work out in the end.