Cutting a wide bloody swath

Tatia dinged 34 over the weekend. We’re still following Jame’s Alliance leveling Guide – Chapter I (30-41) somewhat. At one point the guide instructs you to “grind until you’re one bubble away from 34” at that point I was actually only one bubble into 33 and grinding 80% of a level sounded boring.

Tanuur suggested we run off to Southshore and do some questing there. Underrated (Warlock guildie) joined us. We were Tanuur (Shaman), Zaramina (Mage), Underrated (Warlock) and Tatia (Pally). All in our early 30s. We decided to AoE-to-death any mobs we encountered.

Wow! That is -so- much fun. Our biggest problem is gathering enough mobs together.. but once we’ve got them, the fireworks (and iceworks) are totally impressive! We’d gather together mobs 4+ levels above us then blast them all in place and BAM-BAM-BAM, 8 mobs would die.

It’s a little misleading though.. I caught myself thinking oh, {insert mob name} is easy and I’d try to take one on independantly. By myself, the single mob was a good fight. Tough, but good. We quickly coupleted a couple of quests and leveled to 34.