Useful Pally Macros (Post BC)

I didn’t write these (though in some cases I did re-write them).

Stealth Detector:
# showtooltip Consecration
/cast [combat] Consecration; [nocombat] Consecration(Rank 1)

Pally Taunt:
# showtooltip Righteous Defense
/cast [help] Righteous Defense ; [target=targettarget] Righteous Defense

Announce Resurrection:

# showtooltip Redemption
/cast Redemption
/stopmacro [nodead]
/script local C; if(GetNumRaidMembers()>0) then C = “RAID” elseif(GetNumPartyMembers()>0) then C = “PARTY” else C = “SAY” end SendChatMessage(“Resurrecting %t.”, C)

[Edited: I’m not sure the previous still works but the following does:
#show Redemption
/stopcasting [nodead][harm]
/say Rezzing %t.
/cast Redemption

I really want a “Bless You” macro(or addon).. where I can select a player (some random person I run by on the roads of Azeroth) and based on their class, the correct Blessing will be cast. With button mashing now I often find that the player is out of range before I can decide which blessing would be best for them. I can’t seem to find a macro that will work like this post BC.

I found an addon that will do this for people in my party.. but I want to give out blessings on the road…

Addon: Cirk’s Blessings
– Easy to configure blessing by class (overridable on a per character basis)
– One click per blessing handed out (blessing type automatically determined)
– Installation reset some of my key binding(and redefined right-mouse-button). I had to reset keybindings to default and then re-setup my one keybinding (X to flip camera to look behind). If you had a lot of custom keybindings this could be a PITA.
– If someone in the party is “out of range” the addon halts there. I can’t find an option to skip them.. and when they come back into range the addon does some weird thing where it blesses that one person multiple times (to make up for getting stuck on them before). I may need to try a different add on.