What a Paladin is

When I choose “paladin” I wasn’t actually thinking “hmm I’d like to be a melee healer with no ability to use ranged attacks”. I was thinking of an ideal. Ideally I believe Blizzard is tweaking/buffing/nerfing Paladins to get them to fit an ideal.

My ideal:
A Paladin aspires to be a knight. That is she embodies the knightly virtues.
Temperance, Justice, Honesty, Courage, Humility, Loyalty, Magnanimity, Courtesy, Largess, Franchise, Prowess, Faith

We are a self-sufficient force who survives through our faith and careful reasoned strategy. We should not “spam” an attack because that implies a frantic attitude toward battle. Through our faith we are able to channel the Holy Light and bring about healing.

We are not the toon you will find “quaffing a pint at the local pub”. We do not use “Rage” or other hot emotions to power us. We use cold reason and the light of justice.

We do not consort with demons or channel other arcane, elemental or natural arts as those are the paths to evil.

We do not “sneak” or back stab because that isn’t forthright. We do not fire from range because that implies that we need an advantage that could not be found by standing face-to-face and exchanging blows.

We embody the knight ideal and we suffer from the knightly downfalls. We are egotistical to a fault. We will not ask for help until it is too late.

The qustion is: Does my ideal match Blizzard’s ideal? No idea.