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Last night I was killing Skullsplitter Trolls for their tusks in STV. It wasn’t terribly difficult.. I was able to take on 3-4 at a time easily. It seems like there were a lot of other players on that quest at the same time. I was competing with a Draenei Shaman, and Bloodspary, a blood Elf Paladin, to tag the kills.

I haven’t really seen many other paladins in action. Because we were competing for kills I got to observe “Bloodspray” up close and personal. It’s the first time I’ve tried to identify someone else’s strategy just by the spell animations. Bloodspray had a few animations I just didn’t recognize. After a while I realized he was Retribution spec. A quick glance over at the Warcraft Armoury confirms it (Bloodspray 42 0/0/33) (Wow, this -so- feels like stalking).

In general I was taking on 2-3 mobs at a time. If the group included a caster I’d target them first, then ax-throwers, then warriors.

At all times I had the Retribution Aura up (additional holy damage when the baddie hits me), Improved Righteous Fury (causes more threat and reduces damage), Thorium Shield Spikes (~20-30 points of damage on a block). I’d occationally throw up Holy Shield.. but not so much.. at this time it doesn’t seem to be doing very much.

If I was feeling very low on mana I put on a Blessing of Wisdom(+20 mana/5 seconds).. otherwise I was using Blessing of Sanctuary (Reduces damage by 7 and causes 14 holy damage to the baddies when I block).

Against the casters I used Judgement of Light/Wisdom** and Seal of Justice. The Seal of Justice sometimes procs a stun which would interrupt their spell casting. When I saw them casting a heal on themselves I’d toss off a Hammer of Justice (stun target for a few seconds). When they got down to very low health I’d judge Seal of Justice so they wouldn’t run away (Judgement of Justice, AKA: “Don’t you go nowhere” debuff) and then go back to Seal of Justice.

Against the ax-throwers and Warriors I used Judgement of Light/Wisdom**, and Seal of Light/Wisdom**. When they got to very low health I’d Judge Justice to keep the from running. Then I’d go back to Seal of Light/Wisdom**.

** Light: chance to heal me when I hit the baddie, Wisdom: chance to give me mana when I hit the baddie (depending on whether I needed mana or health)

If the fight was taking too long I’d occationally do a Judgement of Righteousness (direct holy damage) or consecrate. These sped up the fight at a cost of lots of mana.

In most cases if I left out the consecrate and kept the Judgement of Righteousness down to a minimum I found that against 3 opponents I usually ended the very long and drawn out battle with full health and 75%-80% mana (without ever having to bubble or heal)

Bloodspray, on the other hand, was taking on one to two mobs.. judging the hell out of them, thowing heals on himself and seemed to end each fight very quickly.. but at only 1/2 health/mana (or less).

I wonder which is faster… slow fights with little between fight down time.. or fast fights with longer between fight down time?

I kind of wish he’d been Alliance side so we could chat about strategy.. ah well.

Anyone want to comment? Is there a Pally strategy that I’m missing?

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  1. Thanks for linking to my Blog before. Much appreciated.

    As a Pally. I won’t say exactly how i play. But lest just say the Spirit Healer don’t even know me that well. Basically i’m a solo player, i rarely group with others and most importantly i choose to do my own quests 100% of the time on my own. Now the point is, because you do so much fighting against all kinds of various mobs, over time you learn to select various combination of stratergies that work in different instances fighting mobs or multiple mobs or mobs scattered over area or if casters are there. When you have to fend for your self you learn stratergies that work for YOU! Everyone play style is different and for their own reasons. I have my own play style and its different to how i see other players play.

    I love to risk death to doing a fight, because it forces me to think of ways to pull off a fight that i haven’t though of before. LOH is always a last resort and i often not have it in my stratergy, because i think of it as emergency use when all things fail. But figure out what works for you to your play style or gear spec. For me i use a lot of tactics in how i choose to fight, i’m coy in assaulting a mob even when i know i can beat it. I use my mount to toy with mobs and i have fun with it too yet its combat tactics. I AOE and i move around i rotate my cam to see whats around and i move in direction to draw mobs in make for a battle field of dead bodies all around, fun. Just find something that works for you.

  2. Against casters, while SoJ can be nice, the mobs will eventually build up an immunity to it’s effect. Also, the further you go in the game, the less and less percentage of the opponents health you will put out relying just on normal melee attacks. Personally I recommend getting used to relying on SoR, esp. since you are hitting the 40s, with the 50s ahead of you soon. In the 50s and very much in the 60s you will find +spell damage gear much more accessable, thus improving the damage potential of each strike.

    In the end, Galo’s right. You need to figure out what works for you. ^^b My advice is to try different things, different combos of Blessings, Judgements and Seals. Or if nothing else, mix things up constantly to keep things lively.

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