The Curse of Stranglethorn Vale (or would that be “Cursing at…”)

I’ve read that a lot of people hate questing in Stranglethorn Vale. On PVP servers it’s an invitation to “gankage”.

Since I’m not on a PVP server The only problems I see are:
– It’s huge and the only flight point is down at the very very southern tip in Booty Bay. If you need to go to the northern part it’s either a long run from Booty Bay or an almost equally long run from the Darkshire flight point or from the Westfall flight point.
– No faction auction house. The Neutral AH is nice when selling pages of the Green Hills of Stranglethorn or if you’re transferring something to the other side.. but it’s fairly useless if you actually need to buy gear.
– The only merchants are in either Booty Bay, Nessingwary’s or the Rebel camp. Makes it hard to sell the prodigious amount of vendor crap.
– The only mailbox is in Booty Bay. This makes it hard to cycle usable crap out to either a bank toon or a crafting toon. Full bags while you’re in the north part of SVT necessitate either a hearth or a very long run.

These things combined with the “Green hills of Strangle-Bag” means that I’m spending alot of time perfecting my bag clutter reduction.

Other than that I’ve found the critters to be a little boring.. but the killing has been fairly steady. There’s a nice amount of critters even if they don’t seem very imaginative.

Tatia dinged 42 last night. Along the way I took a little bit of time here and there to skill up Cooking (295/300), First Aid (238/300) and Enchanting (215/225). I plan to skill up fishing after the 2.1 patch (anything that makes it go faster/less annoying is good)(though the only reason I’m skilling it up is for the cooking possibilities). Skinning is skilled up as far as I can currently. Baddies I can kill are currently green for skinning. I still skin everything (money on the ground) but I’m rarely seeing a skill up. I’m sure this skill will increase as I move into higher level mobs.

On my way to 70 various guildies have brought in alts along the way. With the move into the 40s the group has changed again. It’s still Tatia (Pally 42) and Zaramina(mage 42). But Tanuur(Shaman 39) is changing into a PVP toon.. so Grimr (his player) brought in Sibiy (Hunter 46) instead (he was also the player for Bankenstein and Baldwyne). Tonight we’re also picking up Thorskiall (Hunter 40), another West Kingdom guildie.

I wonder what Big Red Kitty would have to say about grouping with multiple hunters…

2 thoughts on “The Curse of Stranglethorn Vale (or would that be “Cursing at…”)

  1. Chat. It’s the chat that I hate in STV. I do not know why it has to be but Strangle seems to be the Barrens of the Alliance.

    It’s childish and annoying. Being on a Euro server we get my country is better than your country or such and such is a noob.

    Plus the constant requests for the location of the rare Tiger and Panther mobs. These often follow the information having just been given out.

    Maybe it’s because the newer players are just starting to find their feet and get some confidence that it happens there.

    Has this been noticeable for you?

  2. I had noticed it somewhat.. but it reminded me of Bloodwatch.. since that’s a new area there were a lot of “where do I find XXX mushroom” type chatter. I answered it the first few times but toward the end I would just respond with “The Internet knows all” and leave it at that.

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