The Easy Button

Last night I started a new horde-side warlock alt. I’ve heard that Warlocks are easy but that’s not why I choose that class. I wanted a self-sufficient non-pally alt who could pick flowers for my horde-side Pally main (Illyah) who is an Alchemist. With DoTs + pet + self-healing the Warlock seemed like the best bet.

I’ve read that with a warlock you can “just roll your face around on the keyboard and kill stuff”. Though I don’t think it was quite -that- easy it does seem fairly quick so far. I miss my heals.. but I think I get something like that in a couple more levels.. I also want to be able to heal my pet.. but I also think that’s coming in a few levels. Other than that.. PetAttack, DoT, DoT, DoT, Fear. Really liking fear.. wish my Pally could fear.. when the feared mobs come back with friends.. 🙂 all the more XP.