“You know you prot grind too much when…”

I spotted this on the World of Warcraft Paladin forum. I about laughed myself sick.
WoW Forums -> You know you prot grind too much …

  • When your shield has better DPS than your sword
  • When you fight 4 mobs with your camera flipped to look behind you, dragging your mobs over to pick up a 5th
  • When you finish a kill quest in three pulls
  • When you hope for runners (they’ll bring more back to you)
  • when your biggest problem is clicking on mobs to loot them because their corpses are all piled on top of eachother.
  • When you’re more proud of the -number- of mobs you killed at one time than the biggest crit you got on them.
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1 thought on ““You know you prot grind too much when…”

  1. Too Funny, but True!

    I could have easily written this, because everything that said there, i know exactly where its coming from as funny as it seems.

    For the Record (9) Kills in a single rolling fight. Then the hardest thing was trying to loot the bodies. HAHAHA

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