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Tatia ended the weekend at level 45. One of the trainings gave her Hammer of Wrath. OMG the immense happiness given by being able to fling a holy-glowey hammer through the air. Rawr!

Tatia (Pally), Zaramina(Mage), Sibiy(Hunter) and Klee(Hunter) tackled and took down Uldaman. I think I died once. Zaramina died many many times. She’s such a little aggro magnet. I felt bad.. I guess this means I’m not an effective tank. To be fair, the Hunters were higher level than Zara and myself.. and their pets tanked more than I did. I just didn’t have enough threat to hold them too me. Add to that, I was both Main Tank and Main Heal. Not so good.

I will say the worst part about dying was not the dying but the running back into the instance. Since I’d never been to Uldaman before I was just following the others. When I died, I was the only person.. and I didn’t know how to get back to the instance. I wasted a good 10 minutes wandering around the mines in ghost form. (I think I’ve got it figured out now)

I’m quickly coming to the conclusion that I suck as a healer. I suspect it’s mostly from lack of practice.. but I’m not 100% sure I want to be a good healer. Tanking is tons of fun. I’m not so sure that healing is as much fun.

We also completed the Sprite Darter Hatchling Quest. I think I will call mine “Pookie”. I was right, they flutter around at ankle level.. unless you’re a gnome.. on a gnome they’re fluttering around at almost shoulder level. I am so leveling up a gnome just for that reason 😉

I think tonight we’re going to tackle Zul’Farak. The end of last night was gathering together all seven of the quests so we could be ready to go tonight.

4 thoughts on “Coming up in the world

  1. Thanks so much for stopping by! Love the blog and will be visiting more! Enjoy your new little Hatchling!

  2. Don’t use this to gage your own ability to tank. Also, don’t forget at your level you don’t have that great a mitigation level… even if you have the +20 defense talent, you’re just too low level. Also, as you get past 50 and start being able to find normally available +spell damage gear, that will be another huge boon in your ability to tank since you’ll be able to put out more Threat Per Second.

    The primary reason not to use this to gage your tanking ability is that you were playing dual roles of main healer and main tank. This makes a huge difference, since when you’re casting you can’t be blocking, dodging, or parrying. It really makes a huge impact on your ability to tank.

  3. This also brings up another point worth mentioning, since you just Hammer of Wrath. As long as you are tanking, you can’t really use this ability, because it makes you completely vulnerable for a minimum of one second. This info also extends to Avenger’s Shield when/if you get it, since it will mean that after the patch is implemented you still won’t be able to use it mid-combat.

  4. Piffle! Zaramina did not die “many many times” — only a few… like, 4 max. And out of those 4, there was only 1 (singular) time that I thought you might have been able to prevent it. I’ve played a warrior and a priest to 60 so I’m very familiar with how annoying aggro-magnet mages can be — I’m sorry I’m now being one. :p

    Kaziel makes an excellent point: being main tank and main healer is not a good time to gauge your effectiveness at either.

    I’m not too worried about my current aggro status. If the mage dies in a few AoE moments, so long as it is only the mage, I view it as an occupational hazard. I also need to work on my familiarity with my ‘save my own butt’ mechanisms. Don’t schweat it, schweety — yer doin’ foyne. 😀

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