The obligatory UI screenshot

Here’s my UI as I’m working with it now:

Addon: Cogsbar (5×2 bar in bottom left-hand corner)
Addon: MetaHUD (the health/mana bars around the middle)
Addon: MikScrollingBattleText (incoming heals/hits on the left, outgoing hits on the right with identification)
Addon: Grid (the colored bars on the left. Shows who has aggro, who is low on health, who needs cleansing)
Addon: KTM (threat meter on the left. shows who in your party has aggro and who’s about to grab aggro)
Addon: Titan (bar across the top. Indispensible)
Addon: MobInfo-2 (the added info in the tooltip about the mob)
Addon: Pallypower (the hidden stuff behind the tooltip. Invaluable for keeping up on your blessings when in a group. Though the timer is a bit broken.. it always starts at 15 minutes even if you’re not casting Greater Blessings)

The 3 bars on the left are goofy. They take up too much space and don’t really make it easier to heal. I need to figure out an easier way to choose from the many many heals I have available.

The two bars across the top are less goofy.. but still need to be tweaked. I need more spaces in the left bar (since I think I have a few more auras coming) and the utility bar (the 1×4 at the top) needs to be smaller and allow for more buttons.

Addon: CT-buff the buffs shown next to the minimap. It’s not horrible.. but it just seems to take up a lot of space and tell me very little information.

Comments and suggestions cheerfully accepted.