2.1, the new perspective

Settling into 2.1. Couldn’t get on until late last night so didn’t spend very much time with it.

I started the night in Darnassus and spent a while popping into and out of the game while fiddling with addons. Most everything is now working. The only big loss so far is MoveAnything! and KTM. Really hoping those come back soon.

Then I ran off to Exodar to respec. Happy new Tatia deep deeeep into the Protection tree.

Current spec: 0/45/0

This puts me at 6.54% Dodge, 6.6% Parry and 6.6% Block (310 Defense). It also give me Avenger’s Shield and mitigates a lot more damage (both physical and spell) Rawr! Probably going to end up at 5/46/10 as my goal for 70.

Ran off to Winterspring to test out new build. At level 54 the level 55-57 mobs were middling easy to moderate. The level 59 (red) mobs were difficult but even with adds I never needed to bubble and ended most fights at half health/mana. I am finding that I’m burning through mana a lot more quickly. If I’m trying to speed the fight I usually end it with 0 mana. If I just let the fighting go as it will and keep Holy Shield up with Judgement of Light on the mob and Seal of Wisdom on me then I found that I’d end at full health/mana.. but it would take forever.

Quick run down to the south end of Felwood to get the new flightpath (yeah for convenience). Someday I’ll go back and grind more Furbolgs.. but not tonight.

Hearth back to Shattrath and decide it’s time to up my limit on skinning. I’ve been capped at 300 for a while and found while skinning in Wintersprings that the mobs ranged from yellow to orange skinnable and I was getting quite a few “failed” messages. It seems a waste to -not- up my limit to 375 when I have so much skinning ahead of me. At level 54 the run from Shattrath to Honor Hold wasn’t too bad. It would have been less bad if I hadn’t followed the road blindly to the end and ended up in a “bad place”. I didn’t die.. but I was fearful.

I got to see my first Felreaver.. no sure what all the fuss is about ( 🙂 ) he was far away.. wandering the landscape. He in fact reminded me of the T-Rexes wandering in Un’goro.

Skinning is now 300/375, Enchanting is at 282/375, Cooking is 300/375, First Aid 336/375, Fishing 22/75. I’m planning to skill up fishing eventually soon. It’s just not at the top of my list (getting 70 is).

Things that caused exclamations:
– Draenei now leave footprints in the snow!!!
– The “Judgement of XX” on the mob now has a cooldown shadow. Nice to see, makes it easier to keep track. I bet this is a freaking over-the-top fantastic for Warlocks.
– 90% of addons worked as expected only minor tweaks necessary (there was no wailing from me even though Fiancee suggested that I was so add-on dependent that my world would end after the patch).

Tonight: BRD take two.

1 thought on “2.1, the new perspective

  1. In the 50’s you weren’t the only one running low on mana alot. I actually was using Holy Shield more and more since when i was in Winterspring?Felwoods i was mostly always fighting Multiple Mobs and it was just more efficient to speed it up that way so Holy Shield up more and consecrated 1-2 times maybe.

    I ran low on mana allot since the spells used more mana and i wan’t getting better usable gear to support that kind of mana burn. So it was a gear problem. However i also started using JOW or SOW more also but it was in rotation mostly when i was below 50% mana. For me my usual and always blessing on me is usually Blessing of Santuary always and whenever i was like 40% or less Mana i switched and judged wisdom and or seal wisdom. So mana was a problem for me but it was mostly my gear not having lots of intelligence stats.

    In my play style i’m conservative a bit on mana and since i always knew i had a gear problem not having a large reserve of mana the way i fought mobs i never tried to run out of it or made big mana burn moves or finishing moves to make it look all splashy on a fast kill and use up tons of mana. I usually just took my time and finish the mob with reserve mana. I’m a bit patient and a extra 10 sec i didn’t mind. But often i had to drink after fights mana drink to refill at times. I never really consecrated more that 2 times in a fight. With the low mana i had in the 50’s it just didn’t make sense to me to be burning up mana crazy consecrating more than 2 times at full rank of spell.

    On the side note in the 50’s in winterspring since i was questing alot and grinding at same time, i was also experimenting with Holy Shield alot when i was grinding to figure out when best to cast it to my play style the way i fought. So that played into that too, but it was not bad. I found that i can tolerate or prefer to have Holy Shield up at full rank most the time or as often as i needed it to be up vs having to drop consecration.

    So i loved keeping up Holy Shield when i was taking multiple fast hits, mana burn on that was ok for the benefit and found even if redoubt didn’t poc during time it was up most i usually has was maybe 1 charge left on Holy Shield unused, however redoubt usually proc somewhere during the time it was usually up. So was lots of experimenting.

    Seems like its hard for you to live without all your addons. I’ve yet to use a addon. At some point i may get a threat meter, thats beneficial in groups so it will be my first one when i do.

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