BRD take two.. in it for the loot

Dinged 55 while in BRD. Not so much experience there.. but tons of upgrades. I got a new shield, new legs, new cloak and new gloves. Tatia is looking downright sexy. Must add screenshot.

BRD crew were all guildies. Sibiy (61 hunter), Chulong (68 Rogue), Fynris(60 Hunter), Zynnia (60 Priest) and Tatia (54-55 Pally). I was vastly out-leveled and did my best to off-tank. We did pretty well until we got to the bar. There we had lots of “oops” moments and died 3-4 times trying to get through the door. At 54 Tatia just isn’t enough of a tank to take the hits from Phalanx. Add to that, for some reason some of the yellow bar-folks would randomly join in the fighting. Much death.

After the pitiable showing at the bar, Fynis logged out and came back as Knunn (70 Rogue). Killing was much faster after that.

– The big glowy frisbee shield is lots of fun.
– One should not replace “Hammer of Wrath” with “Avenger’s Shield” on her button bar. It’s awkward to explain to guildies why instead of killing off the one runner you instead aggro’d the whole next room.
– Macros were vastly screwed up by the patch. I still don’t have them working. Very frustrating.