Some quests just make you laugh…

Last night I wandered off to Winterspring to work on a couple quests (and to get 56). I’m working on the “Are we there Yeti?” quest line. A goblin sends you out to get 10 yeti hides (only drop from Ice Thistle Yeti, ~40% drop rate) and then two pristine yeti horns (only drop for matriarch and patriarch yeti, abysmally tiny drop rate 🙁 ). I dinged while whaling on two patriarchs and a random added Ice Thistle Yeti. (BTW: the new “Blessing of Freedom” animation is much cooler than the doughnut of freedom we had before).

After you give the horns to the quest-giver goblin she crafts a mechanical yeti and then instructs you to show it to three of her friends (who are of course in all corners of the continent). Anyway. I just had to laugh when I “showed” the yeti to her first friend.. who took fright and ran all around Everlook trying to escape from the little bitty yeti.

Maybe I just have a cruel streak.