Stuck on Blazerunner

Whose bright idea was it to force me to use some daft little wand in place of my shield? I mean really? And what kind of freaking reject of an elemental spends all his time blasting me with fireballs instead of hitting my ever-so-wonderful, endowed-with-shield-spikes shield? BAH!

So I spent quite a while on Thursday and early on Friday trying to get the boomerang. The blasted fire elementals on fire ridge don’t actually “hit” you .. so you can’t block.. so no happy procs to generate tons of dps from my shield *sigh* I had to fight each one individually.. but I was able to get them down without losing too much health. It wasn’t horrible.. until I got to the last guy.

Level 56 elite .. um.. Blazerunner I think was his name. Zap him with wand you have to hold in your off-hand.. then re-zap him whenever his fancy blue shield goes back up. GGRRR. So no shield for Tatia.. and he hits like a ton of bricks.. and he doesn’t actually “hit” so half my dps is gone GRRRRRR. Death multiple times.. I was able to rez behind him and get the living flame from the box.. but haven’t been able to kill him. I -did- get him down to half health.

I may have to log on at prime-time and see if I can group up with others in the Crater.. or call in the big guns (beg a 70 guildie for assistance).

The rest of the weekend was spent off the computer, out-of-town. I did manage to ding 56 last night after we got back.

3 thoughts on “Stuck on Blazerunner

  1. Hate to say it, but you’ll probably need to get a friend to help with Blazerunner. He’s meant to be duoed at a minimum.

    Also, in a way, the fact that fire, water, storm, arcane, and shadow elementals don’t do physical damage (thus are unblockable) actually means that people can tank them in raids. If the blow isn’t physical, it isn’t mitigated by armor and shouldn’t crush (there have been errors in programming that cause them to crush, but they get fixed later). If they did crush that would mean you couldn’t load up on the appropriate resist you need to survive on them, because you’d need the normal gamut of avoidance gear you need for physical damage.

    This is one of the examples of places where paladins really won’t shine. Since a large percent of our threat is generated by reactive abilities to physical damage, that means on non-physical damage centric mobs, we get smacked around pretty hard, while at the same time generating unfortunately low threat. A potential way to fix this would be some sort of reflective spell. Like you chose a certain element and were able to reflect any type of damage of that type. But in the mean time, there is nothing like that, so we remain tanks for physical mobs, for the most part.

  2. I have a blog entry on my blog when i did fight Blazerunner at 57.

    I did it solo and i was proud that i did. I initially died 3 times i think. But it forced me to figure out a way to beat him. I did not want to wait to 60 like some suggested or such. And i beat him with my own Hanzo Sword too. Trick was since he usually took up my screen looking at Blazerunner it was a bit hard to sometime see when his aura was up, too much eye movement for me.

    So what i did was if i can keep his shield constantly dispelled i could own him. And thats what i did. I faced him inside the cave with back to wall do no distance knock back and i constantly clicked to dispell his shield and i just unloaded everything i had on him including keeping consecration up while i hit him. I got him then, no problem. Or i should say I SOLO’d HIM even better. I hate asking for help if i can help it!

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