Zappity Doo Dah… got me a boomerang…

Ok, so it turns out Blazerunner is a pushover when you zap him regularly (or have an uber-spiff healer watching your back).

It looks like if he has his big blue-ish “you can’t hit me” aura up, he can knock you back. When he does his knock back he gets right in your face. This make it really really hard to see if his aura is up. Add to that, if he knocks you back and the knock back puts you up on a rock in the back of the cave, then he will start evading. If he evades for too long (like 3 or more seconds) he heals himself. All the while he’s whaling on you and knocking you back into the cave wall.

Plan of attack part 1: Tatia runs past Blazerunner into the back of his cave, zap him with magic wand. Whale on him with appropriate seals/judgements. Zap him again, zap him again, zap him again. Have Zynnia (level 60 healer) healing Tatia madly as we zap him. Blazerunner dies. Tatia completes quest. (Yeah!)

Plan of attack part 2 (I finished the quest with Zynnia’s help.. then Krullwyn (58 hunter guildie) needed to finish the quest.. but Zynnia had logged off): Tatia runs past Blazerunner into the back of his cave, Krullwyn zaps him with magic wand. Zap, zap, zap. Tatia and Krullwyn (and Scorpio, krullwyn’s pet scorpion) kill Blazerunner. It was nearly painless.

It seems that the first time through I wasn’t zapping him enough. The second time through Krullwyn was a mad-zapper and there were very very few knock backs. So zap much!

It’s almost a let-down.. I got [item]Linken’s boomerang[/item].. but haven’t used it yet. So much build up to such a little trinket… There should be more fanfare, more celebrations.. Dangit, I’m going to set off those fireworks I’ve had in the bank since Scarlet Monastery. **Harumph**. I did read that Paladin’s need the trinket at level 70 in order to do the new Netherwing quest. Guess I’ll be hanging on to that for a while.

Anyway, Tatia hit level 57 and is 25% of the way to 58. Also managed to hit Exalted with Stormwind (I wish I wanted to buy a pony…) and Friendly with Timbermaw Hold (only 5475 to Honored, wheee). Unbuffed her dodge is 9.22%, parry 7.04%, and block is 7.04%. If Holy Shield is up (+30% block) and Redoubt is up (chance of +30% block) then she’s at 67.04% block, 7.04% parry, 9.22% dodge, 5% missed leaving 11.7% for hit/crit/crushing (against mobs up to level 59).

Tonight: BRD take three… “Jailbreak”