Lowbies go “squish”

BRD “Jailbreak” was fun. We cleared out the appropriate hallways and then turned in the preliminary quests. Then you -slowly- follow Marshal what’s-his-name around while he gather’s his armor, frees his friends and has you help him exact revenge on his enemies.

The group was Tatia (57 Pally), Sibiy (66 Hunter), Zinnea (60 Priest) and Chulong (68 Rogue). While clearing before the turn in Sibiy declared that he was bored and set about aggroing additional groups of mobs. YEAH! Tatia actually got to tank a bit. At one point I looked around and realized she’d just killed 8 Bloodhounds (they were arranged in a lovely half circle around her).

In retrospect I think we decided that we were overpowered enough that we should have just released Marshal from his prison and then followed him around killing mobs instead of pre-killing all of them.

The group also decided that Marshal’s buff has been altered. Once you release him and he puts on his armor he buffs the whole party with +35% haste. The party said that the buff used to only work if you were within 10 yards of Marshal.. so the first melee encounter (a big ogre looking guy with knockback) would cause the party to lose the buff. In the new-and-improved BRD we were able to keep the buff all the way through the escort quest and a minute or two beyond.

After the escort quest we went into the bar (Sibiy had completed the Love Potion quest so we wouldn’t have another fiasco like the last bar scene). Then we jumped down and did some lava jumping to get to the instance gate for Molten Core. Just before entering BRD Tatia was able to pick up the quest to get attuned to MC.

So.. um yeah.. Tatia has her MC attunement. I’m pretty sure that and 4g will buy me better equipment from the Outlands (more on that later).

We then met back at Stormwind to finish the second part of the escort quest. A long-slow walk through Stormwind followed by a rather exciting fight in the throne room with Onyxia’s minions.

I was very excited when I finally figured out I was going to see the encounter from the other side. Last time I saw the encounter I was a clueless lowbie who got caught in an unexpected event. I had a feeling of smug superiority telling a tag-along level 17 mage that “Lowbies go ‘squish'” and that he really shouldn’t tag along after us. He didn’t listen.. he -almost- went squish. I do believe he did “eep” and run like a little squishy mage when Onyxia first changed into the dragon.

We then flittered off to Winterspring and transported to the top of a mountain to get an amulet repaired (half-repaired anyway).

It was getting kind of late at that point so the group kind of fell apart. Tatia ended the night in Eastern Plaguelands finishing and turning in a couple of quests. She’s still 4 bubbles away from 58. Very very close now.