Old world instances

I caught myself wondering why I would run old-world instances. The loot is nice.. but I can’t imagine running a level 60 instance over and over again for a particular drop.. especially when I’ve been assured that 1 day in the outlands will replace all my old-world items.

So far I’ve run the old-world instances for two reasons:
– To complete quests (better exp)
– Specific (non-armor/non-weapon) loot wanted ([item]Mark of the Chosen[/item])

I don’t see any reasons beyond these two.

Instances I doubt I’ll ever do:
– Molten Core (40 man)
– Blackwing Lair (40 man)
– Naxxramas (40 man)
– Onyxia’s Lair(40 man)
– Zul’Gurub(20 man)
– Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj (20 man)
– Temple of Ahn’Qiraj (20 man)

Unless we take on one of the 40 mans with a bunch of level 70’s I doubt I’ll ever do a 40 man raid. The 20 mans are a possibility.. especially Zul’Gurub… I’d love to get the [item]Swift Zulian Tiger[/item] but still.. 20 people is a bit hard to manage. Idaknow.. seems like a lot of content going to waste.

I wonder if we’ll see the same thing when the level cap is moved to 80.

4 thoughts on “Old world instances

  1. Here’s a reason: Fun

    When you’re bored with end-game and such, there’s nothing like getting 10 people together to beat up Onyxia. It’s such a blast doing old world content, maybe Soloing Strath much the way you would be proud of soloing Scarlet Monastery at 50 or 60? It’s the same basic idea.

    Now, doing those things at the appropriate levels? Not so much. I will say doing things you haven’t done before is still fun, regardless of the level cap. Killing Ragnaros for your first time is still a good feeling, regardless of what level you are.

  2. I had that same musing the other day when i did Strath for the paladin Quest for the mount and me the other there 70’s ended up doing a on the spot full Instance run. It was fun for me to get to do, even though i had never really considered doing Strath up to that point.

    So yes after the run i myself wondered: Who actually does these Instances anymore??? My thoughts barely anyone, unless its for something really specific.

    So i agree with what Sylvina. When you get to 70 you can come back when your bored. I can’t imagine why 70’s are bored anyway. However you can test your skill and run it all Solo to see how good you are or a group for the kicks.

    For me i would just love to Solo them if possible of try to. Something to do when your bored at 70.

  3. The problem, Sylvina, is it’s hard to justify to people to work on something that will not benefit them, just for “fun”. While I have no doubt there are people who are willing to do them just for fun, there are some people would rather be working towards their goals or helping other people work towards their goals (which in turn puts the people they help in a position to help them with their own goals). Yes, that’s a very cold and harsh way of looking at it, but it’s also a realistic way as well.

  4. Don’t worry Kaz, I know what you’re talking about. We tried a BWL group and didn’t have enough interest. However, that was VERY early on in the life of WoW. Most people are hitting that point where, if they play regularly, they’re doing daily quests for the heck of it, they already have their epic mount, etc. etc.

    We managed to get 10 people together of the 60-70 range, and completely DEMOLISH UBRS, it was like a 45 minute run or something, we got people attuned for BWL, we got some Onyxia keys done, and tons of other stuff. It was a total blast.

    While it may be hard to get people interested in going to MC for the 1000th time, it’s quite possible to get together 10 people (40 would be a miracle, unless you opened it up to the entire server) and go at it.

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