Deposit Box

Queen of Addons here… 🙂 I haven’t done one of these in a while.. though I have been trying out selected addons. Sometime soon I’ll update my list of can’t-live-without-it addons with reviews.

DepositBox is an addon that lets you store money in a safe place where you can save up cash without being able to accidentally spend it. You can deposit and withdraw your saved gold using the friendly user interface, just type in the amount you want and press the store or retrieve button. Download

I have a very bad habit of buying things in AH without actually watching my gold.. so I end up spending all my gold without realizing it(I normally make the money back in a day or two… but it’d definately a problem in the short term). Very bad when attempting to save gold up for a big purchase (300g for Pally Pony).

My current plan is to push 25g into the deposit box everytime I hit 50g. Currently my deposit box has 50g in it.

1 thought on “Deposit Box

  1. Neat Addon… but I’d totally cave and just take the money. I’m a shopaholic, and since I’m saving money IRL, it’s way easier to blow fake gold to take care of my addiction. ^_^

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