Things Paladins weren’t meant to do…

.. so stop asking for it already.

There’s a thread on the forums wailing for “duel weld” about every other day. Just give it up already.

Things we’ll never do:

  • Dual Wield
  • Stealth, sneak, hide
  • Poison
  • Use ranged weapons
  • Hand-to-hand fighting, fist weapons. (aside from when disarmed, fisticuffs is uncouth)
  • Threat reduction. (this one I’m not certain about.. our heals are already 1/4 of threat… and Protection normally -wants- threat.. so I guess this comes from Retribution… -IF- Retribution is considered the Pally PVE DPS tree.. then yes, we should have threat reduction (more than once every 60 seconds/5 minutes).. but if Retribution is only for PVP.. then threat reduction is useless.)

If the developers at Blizzard -ever- add any of these abilities to the Paladin I’ll die of surprise.

Paladin: a holy shining warror of the light (though Blood Elf Paladins push this ideal pretty far) champion of the weak, defender of right

I almost added “DPS” to the list above.. but supposedly Retribution paladins can do it.. and I’m holding out hope that pally DPS will get looked at by the developers.. (and I don’t want to die of surpise).

3 thoughts on “Things Paladins weren’t meant to do…

  1. You are correct about our heals. Paladin heals generate 50% less threat than normal heals (which generate 1 point of threat for every 2 points healed). This is pretty much one of the biggest selling points for paladins for healing.

    As for Retribution tree value, there are lots of talents in the ret tree that would be quite valuable in a 25 man raid. That raid leaders don’t see that value is not the fault of Blizzard. But too many guilds rely on Damage Meters to gage the value of a DPS class or build

  2. I’m not one to roam the forums alot, a lot of rediculus posts to sift through, just to find one good one. However i do always see ones for wanting paladins to Duel Wield. Not sure why. But i can only figure its people that play rogues that want to play paladin but with Duel Wield. Who knows.

    I love my Boomerang though. I just wished it could do 40 yards hit. Oh well.

    I think i’m pretty daring as a Blood Elf Paladin.

    What i would love to see is Ardent Defender trully improved to allow Paladins to be true defenders. Increasing it to like maybe 40% for Ardent Defender to kick in and if Blesssing of Santuary is up on Paladin then allow both to work togather somehow to reduce even more damage somehow. I’m not a TheoryCraft here i just have a ideas thats all. If Ardent Defender (AD) could trully defend in AOE that would rock. We have lots of AOE capacity anyway as Protec specs. So why can’t AD then work in groups as a true defender reduce all in Paladins Aura reach their damage. Reduce a group damage count at some point or have it proc somehow or with Blessing of Santuary togather. Again i’m just thinking idea wise. I’m not one to figure the details of how it all can work just he big picture

    But be nice if it did. Give us even more viability as a spec.

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