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[This information is Deprecated. With the 3.0.2 patch the information
below is no longer true. Please check more recent entries for more
correct information.]

Another frequent whine from the forums is plea for Heal over Time (HoT) and AoE heals for Paladins.

I’m not holy, I’ve never been holy.. but I thought that’s what Judgement of Light was?

Paladin: Judgement of Light at level 70 costs ~280 mana (can’t find the mana cost of “Judgement”) seems to have a 50% proc rate to heal for 95. So as long as the Paladin is hitting the mob.. everyone who is melee hitting the mob will be healed for an average of 50 hp each swing.

Druid: Rejuvenation at level 69 costs 415 mana and heals a single target for 1060 over 12 seconds.

Assuming JoL heals for an average of 50/swing (95 hp*50%), the DPSer needs to hit the mob ~42 times in order to have the same effectiveness as the Druid’s spell.

The faster the DPSer swings, the more effective the heal (Slice-and-Dice has a chance to proc JoL).

With a 2 second swing time this comes out to about 84 seconds of swinging. So the Pally HoT takes 4 times as long as the Druid HoT.
With a 1 second swing time this comes out to about 42 seconds of swinging. So the Pally HoT takes twice as long as the Druid HoT.

That sounds like a rip off until you remember that Judgement of Light heals EVERYONE melee hitting the mob. If you add in just one more DPSer suddenly the Pally HoT is as effective as the Druid HoT. Add in more and suddenly it’s way more effective.

It -doesn’t- heal casters.. or ranged hits (hunters).

5 thoughts on “Pally AoE HoT

  1. JoL is pretty much worthless as anything other than a small top-up. A 50% chance at 95 health might seem ok, but when you’re in a level 70 raid where even the clothies are buffed to 8k health, it’s really insignificant. If it had a +Healing coefficent, then it’d be nice, you’d hactually have a reason to have your Holydins in melee.

    That said, if you’re judging to recoup something, Wisdom’s usually a better bet, since in raid tanking gear at 70, your mana’s normally about a third of your health and, and you’ve usually got negligable MP5.

  2. I think i read somewhere that Judgement of Light does heal casters but its when they use their actual Melee Weapon, their Wand, Dagger, Mace or Staff maybe. Whichever one of those weapons they can actually strike a mob with to allow Judgement of Light to heal them.

    However that means squishy have to get close to mob now i guess vs been at range.

  3. I could’ve sworn it worked with wands… that’s what somebody told me at least when they told me to put JoW up on mobs for them.

    Anyhow, HoTs are nice, and JoL is nice, but you need to be in melee range for JoL (which I try to do as much as possible), but a lot of Paladins sit in the back and wear cloth.

  4. Oh I agree 100%, Judgement of Light is woefully underpowered. Considering most fights don’t last longer than 30 seconds.. in 5-mans it’s nearly useless. That said, it -is- an AOE HoT. So if the forum was wailing about “Judgement of Light is nearly useless” instead of “we need a HoT” then I’d have no problem.

    As far as I know, JoL heals anyone who physically hits the mob. I don’t know about wands.. I thought wands were considered “cast”. I’ll see if I can get a grouped Mage/Priest to test this out for me the next time we’re on.

    Judgement of Wisdom gives mana back to any mana-user who hits the mob in any way, physical, cast, hunter-shot.

    In a heavy caster group JoW is more overall useful to everyone.. more mana means more ability to kill the mobs.. but as the healer JoL is more useful to me (or would be if it wasn’t to freaking underpowered). Having a trickle of health to the Rogue means I don’t have to FoL her.

  5. One of the faults of JoL is that it requires either the caster of it or a ret pally to keep it up. While I’m firmly behind having a Ret pally along for a raid, it’s still requires active attention. On the other hand rejuvenation essentially amounts to a fire and forget ability. “Oh crap, he needs healing *donk*” and onto the next.

    Another problem is that JoL can’t be controlled. It procs when it procs. That’s it. You aren’t in control which is a serious fault. You can’t make it heal someone if their low on health. And every time it procs for someone with full health, it’s wasted.

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