Solo healed Scholo

Last night Tatia Solo healed Scholo.. while wearing her Protection gear.

I thought Zynnia (61 Priest) was coming, instead that player brought Pheefee (70 Warrior) who needed the mana potion recipe from the ghost vendor. The group was Raoun (70 Hunter), Sibiy (70 Hunter), Chulong (70 Rogue), Pheefee (70 Warrior) and Tatia (60 Pally). As “lowbie-kins” I was there to glide through the quests and accumulate Argent Dawn rep.

I got all the way to the instance before I relized I’d be healing so the “healing set” I’d carefully accumulated was sitting in the bank. We didn’t suffer for it. Even in the wrong gear the healing required was minimal. Mostly Flash of Light with the occasional Holy Light. It was very much like “whack-a-mole”. The new UI setting that floats big green heal numbers over people’s heads is cool. I think I’ll leave that turned on. I do wish it shows overheals too… like MSBT.. heal in green, overheal in parenthisis in blue.

You definitely get a skewed perspective of the world by being “dragged through instances”. Nothing in there was particularly hard.. except for the ghosties with knockback in the Reliquary room. While healing I only ran OOM once.. and since we were so overpowered the group just kept fighting and didn’t really notice. I’m pretty sure that’s not an accurate view of the instance if tackled with a level-appropriate group.

We had drops.. in fact there was a lot of remarking about how they had -so- wanted this drop back in the day.. but even the plate stuff that dropped wasn’t as good as stuff I’d already gotten in Outlands. The group admitted they were dinosaurs.. and we moved on.

After Scholo I toddled off to Honor Hold. I’m leveling. That’s my goal. (I’m also accumulating money for the Pally Pony.. but that’s secondary). I finished the “Fel Spirits” quest.. I found them to be difficult.. but I was able to fight them two at a time which made it go a little faster. I also finished the Exorcism quest (though really.. using my Exorcism button would have been a lot faster then the mumbo-jumbo Veratas (the assistant) was moaning about). It took three tries. The first try the assistant died (oops) and I couldn’t figure out how to hit the floaty ghosty guys. The second try a helpful priest came by and helped keep the assistant healed. But then I couldn’t figure out how to complete the quest (I decided it was bugged (which it wasn’t) and dropped it). The third time I finally noticed the necklace.. using the necklace made it -much- easier to kill the floaty ghosty guys… wish I’d known that the first two times I tried it. Even then Fiancee had to prompt me to speak to the right guy to complete the quest.

I also completed the quest to kill guys and “Maiden’s of Pain” in the mine. I found them to be terribly easy.. and even easier after I realized they were demons and started zapping them.

I’m finding that if I’m not impatient I end the fight (with 60-62 level mobs) at 80% life and mana. If I’m impatient I end it at 20-40% mana/80% life.

It’s hard to be patient when patient means auto-hitting something while pushing the Holy Shield button everytime it hits the end of its cool down. That’s a little boring.

I’m also a little miffed.. while looking at fiancee Fynriss (61 Hunter) I noticed the he and I have just about the same sized mana and health pools. That just seems WRONG! I should have more of… something! It’s not fair.

I’m a big uber things-hit-me-hard tank! I should have more health than a I-poink-things-from-range-and-let-my-pet-tank hunter. ARGH!

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  1. Hmm, don’t think that “Fel Spirits” quest is a horde quest, at least i don’t recall coming across it.

    Yeah mine quest was easy for the goblins. I got lots of greens, i ended up vendoring them all for a few gold. I figure who at 58 would want them when you get much better ones questing for rewards. Exorcism spell rocks. I use it at least once on a demon if i’m in AoE fight. other time i just conserve the mana.

    I find i use BOW, JOW & SOW allot or JOW & SOR. I don’t seem to use JOC as much. I notice in my play style if i have JOW up i can load off more on consecration and holy shield and keep lots more mana or regen. Often i just use one consecration, i don’t like to drop it more than i have to UNLESS i have adds, then i do so.

    Also i find i drink allot of mana drinks also not mana pots after big fights. The drinks the ones you get from vendor that regen over 20 sec. I keep these in a full stack of 20. I replace then as i use them up. mana pots i keep for OOM in fights and don’t use them up as much. I’ve barely had to make mana pots myself to use. I find mana tapping mobs often helps to build up charge to release as arcane torrent to rechage some mana but then only Blood Elfs can do that 🙂

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