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Protection Pally Initial Threat

[This information is Deprecated. With the 3.0.2 patch the information
below is no longer true. Please check more recent entries for more
correct information.]

Basically 1 dmg = 1 Threat, 1 spell dmg = 1 Threat, 4 healing points = 1 Threat (for Paladins)
Righteous Fury makes Holy Damage = 1.6 Threat and Improved Righteous Fury makes Holy Damage = 1.9 Threat

In order to pull aggro you have to exceed someone else’s threat by 10% (110% of top threat) OR they have to lose aggro (stunned, knock back, etc).

I run up to mob and hit them with my sword:
White damage: [item]Riversong Mace[/item] of the Elder enchanted with +4 dmg 83-155 dmg (45.8 dps)
Total threat: ~119 threat

I run up to mob and judge Seal of Righteousness on them:
Holy Damage: XXX * 1.9
Total threat: ~200 threat

I throw my shield at a mob (Avenger’s Shield):
Holy Damage: 370 to 452 Holy damage to up to three targets
Total threat: 703-859 threat on three targets

I run up to to a mob and consecrate max rank:
one consecration does about 80-100 damage per tick on average, give or take… or 640-800 damage overall
Total initial threat: 152-190 threat
Threat after 8 seconds: 1216-1520 threat

I have holy shield up and I block the Mob:
White Damage: 20-30 [item]Thorium Shield Spike[/item]
Holy Damage:
– 86 Holy Shield
– 28 Blessing of Sanctuary
Total threat: 242 (25+(86+28)*1.9)

Happy Happy Good Times:
I throw my shield at them and pull them into a full rank Consecrate while dropping a Judgement of Righteousness on them blocking their blow with my holy shield while hitting them with my (measly little) mace:

Avenger’s shield: 703-859 threat on three targets (breaks nearby CC)
Consecrate: 152-190 threat (1216-1520 threat after 8 seconds) (breaks nearby CC)
Judgement of Righteousness: ~200 threat
Block: 242 threat / block per mob (Assuming 2 second mob swing, 968 threat after 8 seconds)
Mace: 119 threat (2.6 second swing.. so ~357 after 8 seconds)

Initial Threat: 1513 (781+171+200+242+119)
Threat after 8 seconds: 2893 (1368+200+968+357)

“Paladin, the anti-crowd control”

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  1. Reminder: Armor. Mobs get it too. While melee represents a fairly insignificant amount of our threat, it does count, and is reduced by armor.

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