Mail Bomb Interruptus

We made an abortive attempt to do Underbog last night. Abortive because after the first few pulls we determined that with Tatia at 60 the instance was just going to be too tough. We were a guildie group of Tatia (60 Pally), Zynnia (62 Priest), Daegothh(63 Mage), Fynriss (62 Hunter), Stiletta (62 Rogue).

Changed up to do Blood Furnace instead. It didn’t suck horribly.. but it wasn’t a bed of roses. As the lowest level toon in the group Tatia had a hard time holding aggro.. this frustrated me since I couldn’t think of anything else I could be doing to hold aggro. “Hit harder” really isn’t a valid answer for the Protection Paladin (though I’m looking into adding +dmg or +spell dmg to gear).

Take aways:
– no more instances until Tatia hits at least level 63
– need better gear. Researching quest rewards as we speak in order to find the best items
– If the hunter’s pet has more health than the Pally tank, and grabs aggro.. he get to be main tank from now on.

One shining note: Tatia dinged 61. Must remember to get training.

After the instance I checked my mail.. and found that I had -tons- of email from one of my alts. “Weird” I thought to myself, and then remember that I hadn’t really been paying attention to that toon for a while.. and well.. a ton of stuff in her mailbox expired and came back to Tatia.

This was from the “mail all cook-ables and cloth and cloth armor items to her” bank/priest/tailor toon, Monneh. So I started clearing out my mailbox, quickly running out of bag/bank space on Tatia. THEN I found out that the same thing had happened on my Hunter/Leatherworking/leather wearing toon. Tatia has been happily skinning everything that fell at her feet.. and sending the skins to Tikah (along with any nice leather armor).. Tikah has been doing nothing with the skins because Tikah’s leather working was capped at 150 until only recently.

So a very good chunk of last night was spent clearing out bank/bag/mailbox space on Tatia, Monneh and Tikah.

Since Tatia hasn’t been actively gathering flowers I didn’t have this same problem with Obliette (herbalist/alchemist) and Ette and Tikataka are strictly gathering toons at the moment.. so no problems there.

– Need to play Monneh up to level 20 (she’s at 18 now) so she can raise tailoring. (I yearn for big bags)
– One of each tailoring armor piece will be kept by Monneh to wear.. and one of each tailoring item will be sent to Ette (Warlock).
– Need to make leather stuff with Tikah and raise her skill level.
– One of each LW armor piece will be kept by Tikah to wear.. and one of each LW item will be sent to Obliette (Druid) to wear.
– Then I think I’ll have a “going out of crafting sale” and sell all of their excess crafting goods.
– Need to give some time to the alts. This will keep mailbombs from happening.. and will also build rested XP on Tatia.
– Need to determine who need what cooking mats.. and send them over. Just storing the cooking stuff is silly. Use it or sell it.

Fiancee says he has a level 15 warrior he wants to group my alts. I think that’ll be fun.

1 thought on “Mail Bomb Interruptus

  1. Here’s my suggested minimum levels for tanking the instances:

    The Ramparts: 60-61
    Blood Furnace: 61-62
    Slave Pens: 63
    Underbog: 63-64
    Mana-Tombs: 65-66
    Auchenai Crypts: 67
    Old Hillsbrad Foothills (CoT): 67
    Sethekk Halls: 68
    Steam Vault: 69
    Shadow Labs: 70
    Shattered Halls: 70
    The Black Morass (CoT): 70

    The level ranges depend on how good your gear is, since good enough gear can make up for the lacking a level worth of new abilities, health, and armor can give.

    Also I didn’t mention any of the Tempest Keep instances since you need a flying mount to get up there.

    One minor addition, when you do hit 69/70 and get ready to do the “endgame” 5-mans, check out Relmstein’s guide to 5-man difficulty: http://relmstein.blogspot.com/2007/03/difficulty-ranking-of-level-70.html

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