Honored with Cenarion Expedition

Easiest rep grind EVER! As the poster says, Neutral to Honored in 5 minutes.


Ended up costing a total of about 12g. Worth it.

[Edited to add:]
Dang.. forum post got deleted. Anyway.. CE honored.. buy 360 Unidentified Plant parts and turn in. Sell everything that comes out of the bags.

1 thought on “Honored with Cenarion Expedition

  1. Avoid doing as many quests as you can in Zangar & Hellfire that give Thrallmar rep & CE Rep. Although you’re fine for CE now, same thing can be said with Lower City quests. Just grind the heck out of those instances and if you need quests for exp/leveling try to avoid the ones that give rep, it will make the rep grind SO much easier when you can simply just run a single Shattered Halls and get to revered, it’s MUCH easier for getting heroic keys and such.

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