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Revision of Revolution

Yesteday I quoted off some resolutions. On re-think I’m going to revise those.

Looked into bags.. turns out you don’t get anything decent with tailoring until you can get to level 35. UGH! That seems to be a lot of work to put into a toon I’m not committed to playing (priest). I briefly toyed with the idea of making Ette (warlock) do tailoring.. but I’ve hit upon a new plan:

Exploit Guildmates (I like this new plan)

Guildies have tailors at the highest level. Assuming I can gather the mats they would probably be willing to craft clothie stuff for me.

Things I want:
– Tatia needs new bags (I think 7 total) then her old bags will be mailed to Ette. I think I’ll look into the Imbued Netherweave Bag (18 slot) (72 Netherweave cloth, 8 Arcane Dust, 2 Netherweb Spider Silk, 1 Greater Planar Essence)
– Tatia also needs a bigger enchanting bag (old enchanting bag should be mailed to Monneh)
Ette needs a Soul shard bag Nix that, looks like she gets one when she does her Succubus quest and then a bigger one with the Felhunter quest.
– Ette needs cool clothie armor. Not sure what’s available from tailoring. Will need to research.
– Need to make leather stuff with Tikah and raise her skill level.
– One of each LW armor piece will be kept by Tikah to wear.. and one of each LW item will be sent to Obliette (Druid) to wear.
– Need to determine who need what cooking mats.. and send them over. Just storing the cooking stuff indefinately is silly. Use it or sell it.