Lilac, Warlocks

The evilness of Warlocks

In a conversation with Guildies on Vent last night I said:

“I gain power by subjugating demons, sucking away the lives of other creatures and then condensing their souls into tiny little shards which I store in my pouch. Nah, we’re not evil, what makes you say that?”

Ette is now questing in Bloodmyst Isle. It’s an unlikely place for a warlock. There are no warlock trainers on this entire continent. Very odd. Anyway, I’m questing with Grendyle, fiancee’s 17 Draenei Warrior. We are the epitome of the odd couple. He’s .. big.. and um.. blue.. and smashes things with a hammer. Ette is tiny… and green (pigtails/eyes) and zaps things with arcane and shadow energies. He’s taking great pleasure in demonstrating his “leet threat skillz” and I’m taking extreme pleasure in seeing if I can grab aggro from him. So far he’s winning. We’ll see how long it takes for that to change.

Ette dinged 18 last night on one of the quest turn ins. She still has tons of quest to do on the Isle. It looks like it’ll be an interesting adventure.