Death.. in a most peculiar way

GM Ticket:
So I was walking down the road in Darkshore.. and my voidwalker stopped following me.. I even stopped and then turned around to look at him. Then I disconnected.

When I reconnected I was falling in an area called the “Twisting Nether”. I fell to my death.. and then it offered me th option to resurrect… Resurrect, fall, die, don’t resurrect, fall, fall, fall, Resurrect, fall, die, Resurrect, fall, die, Resurrect, fall, die.

Help help help!

Hearthstone was down.. /quit /exit /logout said that I couldn’t logout. Eventually I pushed “ALT-f4” to abort the game.. when I logged back in it put my ghost in the Darkshore southern graveyard. Very very weird.

Fiancee said that it was further proof that Warlocks are evil.. and this was just Ette falling into Hell (conveniently without her voidwalker)(damned undependable demons anyway).

[Edited to add:]
Curiouser and curiouser. WowWiki says: “Demons have their genesis in the Twisting Nether. They alone control its secrets and master its energies, using it as weapon, armor and cloak.”

I KNEW IT! The danged voidwalker threw me to the metaphysical wolves. I must remember to sacrifice him more often!