Token of love

Honestly, I wanted to subjugate an Incubus… that would peg my happiness meter.. some Adonis like demon thingy.. with a six-pack of steel.. trotting along next to me.. mine to command. But no.. Blizzard designed the game for 14-year-old boys.. so I get a buxomous demoness in leather with a whip. I still get to subjugate her though.

I’m amazed a the disparity between the Gnome and Blood Elf Succubus quests. The Gnome quest was annoying just in the travel time.. but the Blood Elf/Undead quest was almost-outside-the bounds of reason hard.

Gnome Quest
Ette was already questing in Bloodmyst. She’d gotten a port to Exodar from Stormwind from a guild Mage. Ette set her hearth in Auberdine, then hopped a boat to Menithal, flew to Ironforge, got the warlock quest, flew to Stormwind where the next quest giver instructed Ette to go to the Barrens to retrieve a “token of love” to draw the Succubus into our world. Now if she hadn’t already gotten the port to Auberdine this would have made her run through Wetlands.. I think she would have been ok though.. Wetlands is level ~25 so tough but not impossible.

Instead she hearthed back to Auberdine (where she fell out of Darkshore into the Twisting Nether (but we won’t talk about that)). Ran through Ashenvale, avoided the Horde city at the border between Ashenvale and the Barrens (veer left to find a convenient opening to skirt the city). Ran all the way to the southern part of the Barrens (avoid crossroads, skirt around it) to meet with Takar the Seer (in a tent near Camp Taurajo). Takar sent her back to Ashenvale to retrieve the Heartwood from a tree in the ruins of Ordil’Aran (31, 31) guarded by a ton of Warlocks(Heartwood, a tree grown from some lovers dying together tragically). Ette killed the warlocks one-by-one and eventually got close enough to loot the tree.

Take the tree bit back to Stormwind. Go into the basement and defeat the Succubus. Long.. and tedious.. but not difficult.

Blood Elf/Undead Quest
Goto Silvermoon. Warlock trainer sends you to Undercity. Undercity trainer instruct you to kill two men and retrieve their hearts(hearts of good men who had loved well.. a token of love (um,.. ick) ). One is in the southern part of Silverpine forest (near Shadowfang Keep). He was relatively easy to find and terribly easy to kill.

The second guy is in the northern part of the Wetlands. No matter how I considered it, it looked like Entropy was going to have to run through level 30-40 mobs. OWW! I couldn’t find an easy way to skirt the mobs.. so eventually I just decided to swim. Not a horrible idea.. but getting into the water resulted in ~6 deaths to naga. The swim itself was uneventful until I got to the Reef off the coast of Arathi Highlands. More death to naga. Followed by death to Murlocks. That death finally rezzed me in the Wetlands graveyard. I spirt rezzed and then waited out rez sickness.

Running through Wetlands was uneventful. I quickly found the guy I was supposed to kill. He was PVP flagged.

So to get this straight.. Horde Warlocks have to run through areas 10-20 levels above them.. into contested area (though honestly I think Wetlands could be considered Alliance territory) to kill a PVP flagged NPC. UGH!

*sigh* So Entropy killed the NPC, flagged PVP and then quickly retrieved his heart and hearthed back to Silvermoon.
Quick teleport to Undercity.. and the final defeat of the Succubus in the summoning circle was almost an anti-climax. (I’ve read that the Orc version of this quest is easier. I don’t doubt it).

Both warlocks are getting along swimmingly with their new Succubus.. though I find that Ette resents hers more.. and Entropy (BE) is sure that she’s prettier than her succubus. In all, their DPS as a duo is up by ~25% from their DPS with the Voidwalker.

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  1. I saw someone doing that before he was level 20 and in Arathi Highlands and such and I was like “Dude… what in the hell are you doing there?” and he was like “It’s my quest for my succubus.” and I was basically stunned, “…that’s retarded.”

    Seriously, there HAS to be some sort of trick/method to this, unless it’s the price one has to pay to be an awesome Warlock with ubar powers and never get nerfed. haha

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