Ette, mighty Croc killer

Went to a RL meeting yesterday (see, I’m not addicted) so had limited play time afterwards. Decided that lower level quests (that I’d done before on Tatia) would take less time than high level new-to-me quests. So I played Ette for a while.

Ette dinged 22 in Ashenvale so hopped a boat to Menithal Harbor. Trained at Ironforge and then decided to start questing in Wetlands instead of treking all the way back to Ashenvale. Since there are no warlock trainers on the other continent it just makes more sense to stay on this continent while leveling.

I acquired quite a few quests in Menithal Harbor and then wandered out into the wetlands. Killed murlocks, young crockolisks, and started on gnolls.

Got half a level before she ran out of rested xp and I ran out of steam.

Questing as a Warlock is fun. As long as they come one-at-a-time, Ette and minion can handle anything up to level 25 (orange) without really breaking a sweat. With mobs at level 20-21 they can handle at most two. I just don’t know how to juggle three mobs. I usually try for a single mob and then move on quickly to the next mob. Downtime is very minimal.

Very much enjoying it.

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  1. According to Wowwiki, there actually is a neutral warlock trainer in Ratchet, though I don’t if that’s any more convenient. It’s a gnome, but I don’t know if she’s with the Gnomeregan Exiles, so you might not get the faction discount.

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