Sneaky Suspicion

Is it just me.. or is the Blizzard Dev pushing Pallys to tank? I mean, they’re not saying it out loud, lord forbid, they’d be laughed right out of the room. But looking at base skills.. there’s a definite theme.

Generic assumptions:

– Holy Spec’d Paladins heal. They don’t want to generate lots of threat because they don’t want the baddies hitting them.
– Retribuition Spec’d Paladins dps. They do this through high crits and spell damage. They don’t want to generate lots of threat because they don’t have a way to mitigate that threat and they don’t want the baddies hitting them.
– Protection Spec’d Paladins tank. They -want- to generate lots of threat. They want to be hit.

I don’t want to go through -all- the skills.. just the ones I see as in the base and yet obviously mainly made for one of the specs.

Righteous Defense – Pally taunt. Get 3 baddies to attack you instead of someone else. If the pally’s not main heal.. I could possibly see this being used in a pinch to pull baddies off of the healer.. but really this isn’t something Ret or Holy is going to use everyday. This is used by Protection EVERY DAY.

Righteous Fury – All holy attacks generate 60% more threat. Threat is the bane of Ret’s existance. Holy also. So I can ONLY ever see this being used by a Protection Paladin.

Spiritual Atunement – Friendly heals give the pally mana. Everyone can benefit from heals.. but really, if the run is going right, only the tank should be taking damage (and getting heals). So I’m going to say this is 80% Protection.

I know it’s not overwhelming evidence.. but where are the base pally talents that are primarily useful to Holy/Ret? I guess technically heals/cleanse goes that way.. since tanking and healing at the same time is just opening yourself up to be hit. But still.. that’s alot of skills that are ‘base’ for pally that are primarily focused on tanking.

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  1. I’ve never really thought about it from that perspective; if you’re going by sheer number of skills, then paladins probably have more that are just for (or primarily are for) tanking than are just for (or primarily are for) healing. There are three baseline heals, one of which is very situational, plus cleanse. That’s not a large number, but purely healing doesn’t require you to do a large number of things; your aim is just to keep the health bars up, and there’s only so many ways to do that and only so many skills that can support that.
    For most of the game before BC hit, paladins were really third-tier tanks, having basically nothing at all on warriors and none of the aggro-holding capability. Most of the recently added abilities – the ones that stand out more – have helped make the paladin can be a viable tank at all, in my mind.

  2. It’s not so much the number of skills.. as the fact that some of those are just plain NOT USEFUL AT ALL to other trees. Specifically Righteous Fury.

    Even when PVE solo, RF has no benefit to a Holy or Ret Paladin. It’s a waste of mana to even bother putting it up.

  3. If you spec into Righteous Fury it has a benefit solo, which a lot of classes tend to spec into. Also, a lot of Holy/Ret paladins also off-tank since they’re also wearing plate. As a healer, I’ve used Righteous Fury a lot on AoE packs. I’d rather have everything beating the crap out of me and having Conc Aura up and healing myself through it instead of them 1-shotting a mage or warlock.

    The logic you have for this is kind of fuzzy, but I see what you’re trying to say. But, consider it’s more the mechanics of the game. If we want to tank/off-tank as non-prot, we have the ability to, Blizzard is enforcing the idea of “You don’t HAVE to be a certain spec to do something.” which many players don’t believe. On that note, Tanking abilities are the only abilities that, obviously, only help tanks (Druids + Warriors + Kind of Shamans for Off-Tanks). Everyone benefits from healing and DPS, it’s just the mechanics of the game. ^_^

  4. recently a retribution paladin has been almost a joke of some sort, but what a true paladin knows is that THEY ARE MENT TO BE TOUGH DPS paladin dps will never ever ever ever be the highest in a raid or pvp BUT unlike a mage or warlock shadow priest druid (blnce. or frl. cat form) and rouge can take hits if they over agro, do to being able to wear plate they can survive A LOT. aother thing is that people think paladins cant tank for many resons, 1 the pist off warriors and druids say ” well they dont have rage! hehehehehehe stupid paladin” well we do it is called mana and the ablility that gives us this affect is “iritual Atunement – Friendly heals give the pally mana. Everyone can benefit from heals.. but really, if the run is going right, only the tank should be taking damage (and getting heals). So I’m going to say this is 80% Protection” -nibuca so whomever posted that we would be “laghed out of the room” um……well first thing is first dude I know that you have never played a paldin above maybe……50 and unless you have not played a paladin nor druid you have no idea what you are talking about and lol you just uppset a lot of paladins because what you are saying is all we are meant for is healing and on the offical sight it clearly states that we are a malee based class and holy light, flash of light, holy shock, arent they SPELLS AND IF ALL WE USE ARE SPELLS WE WOULD HAVE CASTING BASED CLASS. I know yes, i admit that there are very few tanking paladins in the game but blizz is trying to make us a tanking class, i mean i can out agro a druid and a warrior easily and if i get good heals i can probably hold it, and it is not a matter of not haveing the armor to back up all that agro, 50% of the time i have 87% chance to block and i have 68% damage resist from my PLATE. and dude we have a spec called protection we wear plate we ARE the hardest class to kill because we can block parry and we have heals AND WE WEAR PLATE. so anyways everyone has thier own opinion, so ya if you want you can go join the and i wont care

  5. Wow.. ok.. not sure how to respond.

    >Paladins are meant to be tough DPS.
    I like the idea.. but I’m not seeing it in practice. Keeping in mind that I’ve never spec’d as Ret. My understanding is that even as Ret your DPS is very dependant on your gear. If you don’t have the right gear your DPS is crap. Take this as compared to a Rogue. Even in crap gear Rogues can do decent DPS. A naked paladin could possibly heal.

    > You have never played a paladin above 50.
    As a matter of fact, when this was posted, no, I wasn’t above 50. -Now- I’ve been at 70 for a while.

    > you just upset a lot of paladins because you are saying is we are only meant for healing
    Wow.. did you even read the post above? When I wrote the post I was spec’d protection. I was a tanking fool. I was marveling at the number of base skills we’re granted that work only for protection and not at all for healing or retribution.

    I have never said we’re meant only for healing. We have three different specs. It just too bad the implementation and purpose of those specs is at cross purposes with each other.

    >go join
    That site close down probably 4 months ago.

    I’m not sure exactly what I said to get your panties all in a bunch.. but here’s the low-down. We have three trees.. but until 2.3 was launched, Retribution was a joke. Even as it is, we’re not a strong contender to take over a DPS spot from a “true DPS class” unless we have fantastic gear. We are good tanks but our tiny health pools makes us a sub-optimal choice when looking at content where you’re going to be taking hits for 2-4k each time. We’re pisspoor tanks when it comes to boss fights. Especially boss fights with slow hitting bosses.. or caster bosses (though in truth, against caster bosses the Warriors aren’t any better of a choice). We are fantastic single-target healers. We have great mana efficiency and have armor that allows us to take a couple hits making us almost irreplaceable especially in places like heroics.

    I’m not saying that we can only heal.. I am saying that healing is the easier choice and the easiest role in which to excel.

    Now, unbind your panties, read something I’ve written in the last 2 months.. come up with a single point and I’ll be happy to debate it with you.

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