Mucking around in the marsh

More Zangarmarsh questing. Last night we ran around completing stuff in the western and southern part of the marsh. We started the night with just Tatia (63 Protection Paladin), and Zynnia (63-64 Priest).

First we killed blacksting and then disabled steam pump controls while cutting down quite a bit on the population of nagas in the swamp. At one point we were fighting a sentry who called for help.. he drew 5-8 nagas and slaves from the surrounding area. I was very glad to have Zynnia around to heal my quickly dropping butt.

We completed the starter quests for the harborage.. and I’ve moved into neutral with Kurenai so it opened up quite a few new quests.

After the nagas we killed ogres briefly.. and then moved onto killing Daggerfen folks (really what are those things? wretched? lost? idaknow.). In Daggerfen we were joined by Shoktul (64 Balance Druid). After we had eliminated the required number of Daggerfen.. and gathered the poison vial and manual we circled back to the Ogres.

All the rest of the quests in my quest log were completed except for the “gathering the mushrooms” quest. Those seemed to have a very low drop rate from the ogres.

The most fun last night was rounding up Ogres and AOEing them down. Tatia would hop on her shiny new pally pony, throw up crusader aura and then body pull 3-5 orgres. Occasionally we got a shaman. Then we burned these down through consecrate, holy shield, and hurricane. Tons and tons of fun. It certainly made the mushroom collection quest go a lot faster.

I ended the night early. I was feeling kind of tired and headed for bed. All in all, I think I made most of level 63. I’ll probably level the next time I play.