Tuesdays are a “get-together-with friends” night. So Wow is very limited on that night. I logged on late.. spent a little while shuffling things onto AH with Tatia to make some money.. and then decided to play Ette for a while.

I had an odd realization.. both Tatia and Ette are questing in swampy areas. Tatia in Zangarmarsh and Ette in the Wetlands. They have a vastly different feeling though. Just the environment of Zangarmarsh is utterly other-worldly(the critters even more-so). The Wetlands feel downright mundane by comparison.

Ette finally got all the flints she needed and moved on to investigating the Excavation Site. The dinosaur looking things were a good fight. They range from level 22-27. When Ette was level 23, the level 27 ones were orange to me.. and a little bit difficult.. but they give nice XP. Ette dinged 24 while killing them. I was a little bit frustrated though.. the guy up in the cave has a quest for me.. but his bang is grey.. which usually means “get your next level and then come talk to me” only he was still grey when Ette moved from 23-24. *sigh* I guess they don’t expect a level 24 toon to be effectively killing off the level 27 critters (or they want to force you to do twice the killing in the area). I know that one of those quests is the “gather these artifacts” quests.. where the artifacts spawn in random locations around the site. I really want to combine the gather and kill quest together.. guess I’ll wander off into the wetlands and do other quests until my next level.

I’m getting the feeling that I’ve let Ette’s herbalism lag behind (or feeling the effect of picking up herbalism at a later level). I keep coming across plants that require a skill of 125-150 that I can’t pick. I’m thinking after I train I’ll run off to Ashenvale and pick stranglekelp for a while. With the warlock water breathing (and maybe a swim speed potion or two) the cluster of stranglekelp in Ashenvale may be just what Ette needs to get her herbalism back up to par. It also doesn’t hurt anything that Stranglekelp sells really well.