Vague rumblings

So you’re making 50-100g/day from quests and vendor trash in the outlands.
The closest auction house is a (somewhat long) flight and a portal away (stealing precious time from your questing/farming/rep grinding time).
Armor/weapon upgrades have been coming fairly regularly from quests.
You’re making that final push to 70. You can see the end in sight. It seems silly to upgrade your armor for 66 when you know 70’s right around the corner. -and- you’ve already compiled your “list of armors/weapons/enchants I need at 70
Outland BOE greens, even the crappy ones.. vendor for greater than 6 gold.

All of these lead to the situation I see.. and BRK confirms:
“BOE greenies aren’t selling worth a d@mn; we’ve having to vendor everything” – Big Red Kitty

It seems that as soon as they hit Outlands poof, the green market goes straight to hell. Heck, I even got a nice blue drop the other day and I’ve had it up on AH three times so far.

Last night, for the first time in a long time, I vendored a green. It vendored for 6g. Enchantrix said it would DE into mats worth 3g. It makes my fingers twitch just thinking about it. ANATHAM! Thou shalt not vendor greens.

The good news is I think this is going to drive up the price of high level enchanting mats. If this goes on for long enough then the price of the enchanting mats will have to creep up to at least the level to cover the vendor price of the green. Normal SOP: Vendor grey/white. DE soulbound stuff or anything where the DE value is higher than the AH value. AH everything else.

It just feels wrong to vendor greens.