Honored with Sporeggar

I bought some [item]Sanguine Hibiscus[/item] on AH and the turn in brought me most of the way through Friendly with Sporeggar. Since I only needed to get to Honored it made sense to spend a little while killing nagas. Two trips through the Bloodscale village saw me into Honored.

– Grouping with people makes kill quests go faster. Regardless of how dysfunctional the group.
– When the group invite comes from one of the level 61 toons whose butt you just saved, think carefully.
– When the hunter in your newfound group immediately runs off and aggros 7 mobs. LET HER DIE. Do not charge in and save the day.
– When you do charge in and save the day, do not expect the shadow priest to shift out of shadow form and heal you. Shadow priest is for DPS. Haels are for weenies.
– When you do finally kill the last of the 7 mobs.. and sit down to eat/drink you should OBVIOUSLY expect your newfound hunter groupie to IMMEDIATELY aggro 5 more mobs. It’s the way of the hunter.
– When you finish your quest.. and drop out of the group, do not be surprised when you later see the hunter remark on the 1. General channel “Am I the only one who likes questing while under the influence?” It was only to be expected.
– Be sure to add hunter’s name to “people I never want to group with again”.

Anyway, managed to get honored.. and buy the shield (15 mushrooms for a kick-butt shield.. seems fair to me). Then a guildie logged in with his Blacksmith and I hit him up for a shield spike (I’ve had the mats in the mailbox for a while).

[item]Petrified Lichen Guard [/item] + shied spike ! I’m giddy at the thought of trying it out. Unfortunately my hearthstone was on cooldown (and I didn’t feel like running for the dark portal) so I logged off Tatia to go play Ette.

4 thoughts on “Honored with Sporeggar

  1. Which faction was this with you got Honored with to get the shield.

    I just got Honored with Cenarion Expidition last night. All in one pop. I bought out the entire AH Listing on my server of “Unidentified Plant Parts” for about 30g for over 365plants. Turned in in Zangarmarsh and got Honored. Very cool, nice investment of my reserve gold. So i got about 3 New Alch recipies which was cool. Dont think i will do much with them for a while, i’m too busy questing to be bothered.

    However the shield you got be really nice for your Paladin. I would love to poison everyone that i block, or give them a deadly curse if it was possible. I got me a nice shield last night too for doing a Shadow Tomb quest in the Bone Wasteland in the forest. Had to raid the tomb and then picked up a escort inside, did it and got a nice shield. It did not have poison but stats similiar, but gave me more defense which i can use.

    Alchemy has a Pot called: Gift of Arthas. When i was in my late 30-40+ it was quite effective when i used it. It gave everyone a disease that hit me and reduced their hit rating which was nice if your grinding as a paladin and everyone afflicted with it that hit you. Too bad it wasn’t more powerful or had a higher level one like a poisoning shield.

  2. Oh forgot. Once you turn in al lthe plants in Zangarmarsh and get Honored then you can no longer turn them in for rep points i noticed. So best to do the plants first, then quest after for reps (These things are always good to know). The extra i got, will resell them on AH for profit of course, lol.

  3. The shield comes from Honored with Sporeggar(See: WowWiki Sporeggar). They’re in the south west corner of Zangarmarsh.

    I think it took 2-3 days to get to honored with them (mostly through killing naga). Then you give them 15 glowcaps (mushrooms you pick up off the ground) for the shield. IMO, well worth it.

  4. I did the all-at-once Plant Parts turn in as well. I agree it makes rep with CE much easier. Since then I’ve taken all of the plant parts that fall from killing critters in the swamp and sent them to a bank alt. I’ll use them for the next toon I bring up to 70 (probably Ette).

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