On the accumulation of wealth

I may have won fiancee over last night.

He’s always giving me heck for wasting an hour in AH when I could be out questing/grinding. Last night he walked in the room just as I was starting to check my mail (from all of the AH stuff I put up on Tuesday night). Tatia’s mailbox was just full of AH sales 1-9g each.

I hadn’t actually opened anything yet. He asked how much gold I had. I had 23g.

I opened all of the AH sales. There were 4 and a half pages of sales. At the end I had 110g.

I wish everynight could be that good. I normally average between 20-80g each time I do a stint in the AH. I think it’s worth my time.

Now if only I didn’t level so freaking slow šŸ˜‰

3 thoughts on “On the accumulation of wealth

  1. Thats rather nice to hear and see you do that well. Thats good enough gold to lite up one face a bit checking mail.

    I do just as well on my Alt Banker or when i’m selling stuff. Often its just been sent to my alts Banker for me to long on when i do and put them up on Ah for sale. Sales end pretty good usually, a few things i have to post a few times but still sell. Some i vendor but not much.

    I use havent used my profession as much as i used to to before to make money in about 17 lvls. But thats because for the first 45 thats what i did and slowed me down leveling and i had build up enough reserve gold to sit on so i just mainly left to quest. I know for sure if i liquidated my current bank thats now full again its worth a heck of a lot of gold in a flower or pot sale, lol. Ahh when i get to it at least.

    Auctioneer works well i have noticed if only to get a average price scan on a rare item thats been on Ah before. However honestly i don’t rely on it for pricing, i use it to average price check a non professional item pick up on loot. For my Profession i use my own judgement and all my pricing history i built up in a book full of notes from 0-current level, i use that.

    Hey if speculation works for you on AH or disenchanting stuff for sale, kudo’s to you since you figured it out, it works for you. Everyone does use different tactics. I know several. So on Ah gold wise i’m never hurting in knowing how to make money, i figured that out long ago and still learning a few tricks.

  2. I wouldn’t so much call it “working the AH”. Really, all I did was sell a bunch of accumulated enchanting Mats.

    It -could- be called working the AH in that I bought some of the green items from AH and disenchanted them.. and then resold them for a higher value.. but it’s not strictly a buy low/sell high scheme.. There was some value-added there from Tatia’s enchanting.

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