Stranglekelp farming

Ette did a quick cross-world tour. Menethal to Ironforge for training. In IF she saw the big bonfire.. and checked out the quests. The easiest of these was to visit Ironforge, Stormwind and Darnassus. Since she was planning to go near Darn anyway, it made sense to pickup that quest and make a quick jaunt down to Stormwind. (BTW: I’m going to see if I can convince guildies to do the quest “A Light in Dark Places” with Tatia. It gets you a cool “A Spirit of Summer” red glowey wisp pet).

After hitting SW it was a quick boat over to Auberdine and then out to Darn. The Bonfire for Darn is right next to the boat dock. This would make it very convenient for any Hordies who wanted to complete the “stealing the flame” quests. I guess the hardest part is getting to the boat to Darn.

Anyway, when you complete the quest you get something you can throw in the bonfire for a 1 hour buff.. and something that allows you to breath fire (very cool).

After the bonfire Ette ran off to Ashenvale to go pick Stranglekelp. It turns out that Warlock water breathing makes this especially easy (I’ll have to try the same thing with Obliette’s druid water form)(though.. Ette seems to have the upper hand here since she can fight in her “water form” whereas Obliette would have to shift out of the form). Ette very quickly went from herbalism 99 to 134. She also got 1/2 a level since the mobs around the stranglekelp are still green to her.

I think one more circuit of the stranglekelp and she’ll be all set to go back to the Wetlands.

Another thing that made this terribly easy was the combination of the addon Cartographer and the datapoint file for Cartographer_herbalism. This allows Cartographer to show herbs that should be nearby on the minimap. It makes it easier to find the herbs than just wandering(or swimming) around aimlessly. (Addons located here:

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  1. I love that addon for herbs/mining! It makes it super easy to go back and look in my favorite spots for mithril!

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