Will you still love me.. when I’m 64?

Last night was happy birthday to me dinner (Outback, Ribeye and Salad 4/5 stars) and a movie (“Live Free or Die Hard” 4/5 stars). So didn’t get to log in until late. I’m now a 35 year old grrl, who works for a big dotcom in San Francisco. I own my own home (well, share custody with several banks), live with Fiancee, two dogs, and 4 birds. We both Wow.. but I’m much newer to it than him. We are the GM for our uber-casual guilds. He’s the head of the Alliance-side guild (West Kingdom), I’m the head of the Horde-side guild (Bawk Bawk). The Alliance side guild is currently getting keyed for heroics (or in my case, still leveling to 70). The Horde-guild is currently level-capped at 29 :).

When I finally logged in last night I found that there was a nice grouping of level ~63-ish guildies on. We grouped up and then started working on the furthest behind toon’s quests. This meant a little bit of backtracking. It seems that each time I group up with guildies for questing there’s another bout of catchup (which I guess is good in that I’m not the one who’s falling behind). By grouping with guildies I’ve now killed Blacksting 4 times, gathered nutriments 3 times, gathered faralfen idol’s 3 times, and gathered mature spore sacks twice. It’s like grinding.. only without the fantastic rewards.

At the very end of the night I got to work on -my- open quests. Killed off Marshfang Slicers and gathered some venom sacks from some flying insects (convenient that the bugs drop their venom in vials…). The turn in for these two quests finally pushed me over the top and I dinged 64 (Yeah me!). I must remember to train next time I log in Tatia.

3 thoughts on “Will you still love me.. when I’m 64?

  1. Have a life? That’s forbidden! In The God-Emperor’s name, slay her, my righteous brethren!

    *cough*Go Space Marines*cough*

    Anyway, Happy belated Birthday, and glad you enjoyed you enjoyed your night.

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