“Runs with Gophers”

“Bawk Bawk”, my horde side guild, ran Razorfen Kraul on Friday. We had -so- much fun. In addition to having a functioning, well balanced guildie group, we also were a little slap-happy and willing to just have fun. We were Illyah (my 29-31 Pally), Ull (Fiancee’s 30-32 Hunter), Bawkchoi (29-30 Rogue), Trillthor (28-30 Mage), and Lanlong (29-31 Priest). I think we each gained 1-2 levels just in this one instance (it helped that most of us had full rested bonus).

One of the quests in RFK is to find some Tubers. To find these you use a gopher (who you summon from a crate) and a stick (“to beat your gopher” though really, it was more to point the gopher in a direction). When you’re in the right spot in RFK you can summon your gopher. Wave the wand at him and he’ll dutifully wander off to dig up tubers. All well and good. I found my 6 tubers.. and then figured “ok, guess I’ll put the gopher away” and clicked on the gopher box. Instead of putting away this gopher.. it instead summoned another gopher.. wha? Suddenly I had two gophers following me. Careful reading of the box showed that you could summon 5 gophers! How fun is that. I could have five gohpers following me! With glee I cheerfully summoned my gophers.

Fiancee remarked “Oh dear Jesus Christ, what have you done” which of course made me giggle maniacally. It’s just too funny to have a herd of gophers following you around.

My glee at this was NOTHING compared to my glee when everyone else in the group summoned all of their gophers. OMG!! so much fun to run with a herd of gophers. Seriously if I could summon the gophers outside of RFK I’d’ve never turned in the quest.

We had much fun running hither and thither.. Finally we found more pig people to kill. The rogue stealthed.. and then crept up to backstab the leading pig person. Her herd of gophers followed behind. Suddenly her victim turned AND KILLED ONE OF HER GOPHERS.

The Rogue gasped.. let out a squeal of horror and then sprang out of stealth and started pummeling the pig person all the while yelling at the pig person to die die die.

Unfortunately for the gophers.. thunderstomp was too much for them. They died valiantly.. being cute all the while.

BTW: Note the hottie pants on my toon, Illyah (red-head front-and-center). I wish all Pally pants looked that hot.