Murloc Warlock

Sounds the same.. both hated.. wonder if there’s anything there.

What -is- the lore of the Murlocs? Where did they come from? What are they doing.. why do they only exist on sea(and river) shores.. are there any sand-Murlocs? Is it true that Murlocs make the best lube?

Does it strike anyone else as weird that “Murloc Fin Soup” is cooked.. from seemingly sentient beings? I mean they have huts.. and cook food over a fire.. and yet we hunt them and make them into soup. It’s as gross as the idea of being able to skin hunter pets… or having Naga steak. Eww.

[Edited to add]
On the heels of the above.. Blizzard published this today:

I am Murloc

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  1. That -is- kinda icky. Murlocs clearly have some degree of intelligence; they may have names (though the names may be applied by other races to particularly notable Murloc individuals), and they use tools and weapons, build reasonably complex buildings, and store food in crates. Their they seem to have specialization. They even seem to have some kind of spiritual side; they venerate sea giants and maybe some Naga. With the exception of the last one, most of those traits are arguably displayed in animals, although only humans really display them all.

    I was never -entirely- comfortable with the idea of skinning Worgen, but Murlocs may be -at least- as complex as them.

    According to WoWWikim, Murlocs speak Nerglish, the language of the Makrura.

    According to the official site, Murlocs may be widely organized, systematically invading the world’s land area.

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