“Rate my UI”

As promised (and I know you were all waiting with baited breath to see this) a screenshot of my UI. I am -constantly- tinkering with my UI. So whatever you see here probably isn’t what I’m currently using.

Across the top I have FuBar. Showing is BagFu, MoneyFu, DurabilityFu, AlarmClockFu, and LocationFu. Not shown (because I finally hit 70) is ExperienceFu. I used to run Titan bar but upgraded to Fubar since it seems to be under active development (and has a lot more plugins).
Find Fubar (and lots of its plugins) here: http://files.wowace.com/

The 5×3 button bar in the bottom left-hand corner is from Cogsbar. This is mapped to my Nostromo N52 Gamepad. By default it’s showing my “I need this immediately in a fight” buttons. When I push CTRL all 15 buttons change to a different set of 15 buttons. My “things I occasionally need” buttons (my blessings, detect undead, etc). When I push ALT all 15 buttons change to yet another set of 15 buttons. These are my “Things I hate rooting around for.. but like having a button to click”(trade skills, food, water, bandages)

The number on the buttons are from Dr. Damage.

The button bars with the little tiny buttons are from CT Mod. If I could get cogsbar to make such tiny buttons I’d probably get rid of CT Mod. Across the top I’m showing all my Auras. I’d hide this on an ALT page.. except that I occasionally need to flip auras during a fight and it’s nice to have them up on the screen for visual reference.
Across the bottom of the page is my, “things occasionally need very quickly during a fight.. but not enough to hot key them”. Mostly “oh SHIT” buttons.

Bottom right is Omen. It’s the new bigger better threat meter. It can track multiple mobs on separate lists.. and if you are about to grab aggro it will flash red around the edge of the screen (so you know to back off if you can). I also run KTM so my threat shows up for anyone running KTM but I keep KTM hidden.

On the right-hand side is the PallyPower UI module. I’d love to incorporate the functionality of this addon into Grid. I posted on the PallyPower ACE forum and they said it could probably be done with a GRID plugin. I may be investigating that 😉 In the meantime it takes up a little bit of screen real estate but makes blessing everyone MUCH MUCH easier. PallyPower: http://www.wowace.com/wiki/PallyPower

Ah, Grid. LOVE LOVE LOVE Grid. Especially now that it has pet support (in alpha). Bottom center of the screen is Grid. It shows me the names/relative health of everyone in my party.

I use Grid combined with Clique to heal. Shift-left click on the name in Grid is my biggest heal. shift-right click is max rank flash. CTRL-right click is Cleanse. All things of beauty. That said, I’m thinking to change Clique to click2cast since it’s an Ace plugin.

GridAlert “dings” when someone in my party gets poisoned. Nice audible alert to cleanse.

Grid: http://www.wowace.com/wiki/Grid
Discussion of Grid with pet support: http://www.wowace.com/forums/index.php?topic=7301.0
Grid with pet support: http://svn.wowace.com/wowace/branches/Grid/jerry/Grid/
Clique: http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info5108-Clique.html
GridAlert: http://files.wowace.com/GridAlert/GridAlert-r45859.5.zip

The Hud is “MetaHud”.

I use Mik’s Scrolling Battle text. Outgoing is on the right, incoming is on the left. All labeled and lovely.

Not shown, but couldn’t live without:
Deposit Box
Auctioneer + Enchantrix
Cartographer (fantastic mapping mod)
CloseUp (Allows you to zoom in on the dressing room)
Fizzwidget Linkerator (type [Dagger of Doom] and if you’ve seen it, it’ll make a item link)
MobInfo2 (everything you wanted to know about the thingies you were fighting)
Outfitter (for managing my heal vs solo vs tanking armor sets)
TankPoints (easy way to figure out if A is better than B for tanking)
HealPoints (easy way to figure out if A is better than B for healing)
Rating Buster (translates “+22 spell crit” into “(+1%)”)
CT-Mail-Mod (critical for sending bulk mail)

SW_stats – Yes, I run a damage meter. It’s not up on my screen all the time.. the only thing I use it for is the report at the end of the night. I don’t need to see it all the time.

3 thoughts on ““Rate my UI”

  1. Thanks for posting your UI; I think it looks very clean & organized.
    I have most of the mods you have, but one I love that I didn’t see on your list is “Spellbinder”. I’m the anti-clicker king, so I have a button set for EVERYTHING, so the mod helps tremendously. If you know any non-clickers, you might mention that one to them.

    Thanks again for showing your mod, I enjoyed the read!

  2. I’ll have to check out the forums post you mentioned. I’ve found my own to be a bit cluttered as of late. But the one thing that I’d like to see is how people have their UI’s while in raid. I like your set up, but with 25-man raids, how/where do you organize everything? Also, I didn’t see a type of damage meters there… do you stash that somewhere?

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