Maybe PVP doesn’t suck…

A while ago I posted my List of pre-Heroic Paladin Healing Gear on the Warcraft forums. Surprisingly, I’ve gotten quite a few helpful comments on the list and I’ve been able to add quite a few good items to the list.

A few comments indicated that some of the PVP reward stuff was better than anything you could find PVE. I investigated the loot.. and determined they were right.

My only experience with PVP was running WSG at level 19 with my horde-side paladin. I got my ass handed too me many many times and had very little fun. It soured me on the whole PVP experience.

That said.. there was some good loot to be had.. could I really justify skipping PVP just because of one bad experience? *sigh* no. I decided to go ahead and give it a try to see if it was any better. As a matter of fact, it is.

Alterac Valley is acceptable when we take and hold a single point.
The Arathi Basin is acceptable when we run all the way south and I get to act a healer outside the base.
Eye of the Storm is acceptable when we take and hold a single point.

I still haven’t worked up the umph to try WSG again. Maybe later. Looks like I’ve got a bi-jillion honor to collect. But it’s way easier to get into a PVP battle ground than to get a Tank to run another instance.